How To Deal With Anger In Children Xyz

How To Deal With Anger In Children Xyz

19 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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It is human to get angry and have an outburst of emotions. Everybody gets angry and it is acceptable for anybody to get mad at things, yes that includes your little ones too. Anger is associated with feelings of uncontrollable rage and has an overall negative impact.
Anger is usually expressed in the form of crying out loud, screaming and shouting or worse, getting physically violent. As adults, we get triggered easily when a 5-year-old bluntly refuses to do as told by you. It makes you lash out, doesn’t it?

Something similar happens to little children too. Here are a few golden rules to follow while dealing with rage issues in your child:

1. You don’t scream at angry children

If you scream at your kid when he’s angry, it will make things worse for you. He’ll be enraged further, so the best thing for you to do would be- ‘Hakuna Matata’ ( it means no worries) stay calm and relaxed even if your toddler is fuming.

2.Logic goes out of the window

Most parents resort to using a deadly weapon known as ‘Logic’ while talking to their angry kids. It isn’t a bad move, but it is good to use this weapon while dealing with adults, but with kids, don’t even try to explain their fault or what they did. This is because kids are impulsive and they don’t have the same mental capacity of understanding like adults do.

3.Watch your own moves

In situations like these, sometimes you don’t realize that your body language could be giving out ‘Red Flags’ to your kid and seeing you in rage passively, your child might in turn anger you instead. Your heart beats faster and faster giving you a crazy adrenaline rush and that’s when you tend to react the most.

4.Help them help themselves

Your child will not have the same kind of temperament like his/her siblings. If you realize that your child is angry at something, don’t isolate him completely. Instead, help him/her in establishing a control over their thoughts and emotions. Help your child so that they can motivate themselves to not get angry too quickly. Give them your own personal tips and teach them new ways to control anger!

5. Avoid being too harsh on them

Being harsh on your kids especially when they’re angry can destruct your relationship with your child. You giving harsh punishments ‘Just in the moment’ can result in further problems and invite quarrels. The more you become strict or harsh, the further your child will push you which will not be pleasant for both of you. Harsh punishments are like confiscating their favorite things will only make them provoke your anger.

Following these golden rules shall bring you peace and help you deal with your angry little child.

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