How To Deal With Baby Acne?

How To Deal With Baby Acne?

8 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Baby acne is a very common skin condition, affecting more than 40% of newborns. It usually develops 2 to 4 weeks after birth and is characterized by tiny white or red bumps or pimples on the face or the body. In most cases, baby acne will go away without any treatment but there are a few things you can do to keep your baby’s skin smooth and clear.


– There’s no clear answer as to what causes baby acne. But there’s a possibility that it’s due to the hormones that the mother passes down to the baby at the end of the pregnancy.

– If you’re breastfeeding your baby, then the acne might be triggered because of certain medications you take post-pregnancy.

– Baby acne can also be because of an allergic reaction to baby products you’re using on your little one.

Do’s and Dont’s

1. Understand that baby acne is not because of dirt, so don’t scrub your baby’s skin hard. This only aggravates the skin further and causes an explosion of acne.

2. Be careful while choosing skin care products for your baby, especially lotions and creams. Try switching your current lotion with an oil-free one and see if you notice a difference. Also, don’t use products with lots of chemicals; There are a lot of herbal options available in the market for you to try out.

3. Choose a mild soap and shampoo and while cleaning your baby. And try to be as gentle as possible while towel drying her.

4. Do not opt for over-the-counter medicines to treat acne. Although it looks the same as adult acne, the same products that you would use on your skin won’t work on your baby.

5. Don’t squeeze or pinch the acne in hopes that it will go away. It will only make the situation worse.

A lot of times parents tend to confuse acne with other skin conditions like milia because of similar symptoms. Baby acne is tiny red pimples whereas milia is one in which your baby’s skin is covered with whiteheads. Your baby could also get a skin rash over time, but it will be accompanied by itching and discomfort, unlike acne.

Although baby acne will clear on its own, it’s important that you call your doctor if you notice any swelling or discharge. It could a more serious skin condition.

Patience is the key when dealing with Baby acne. It might last just a week or a few months, keep maintaining a good hygiene and your Infant’s skin will be baby smooth like it is supposed to be.











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