How To Develop A Reading Habit Among Your Kids Xyz

How To Develop A Reading Habit Among Your Kids Xyz

25 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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One of the best gifts that parents can give to their children is the gift of reading. If kids pick up the habit of reading, they’ll never be bored for another day in their lives. There are too many benefits of reading to count – it never keeps them bored, improves their language, improves their vocabulary, helps them gain knowledge and information and helps them bond with other readers and have meaningful conversations about anything under the sun.

It doesn’t matter if you have the habit of reading or not, but here are a few ways to help your child develop the habit of reading.

1. Read From Day One

It’s much easier to form a habit when you’re still young, and by reading to your baby from day one, you might be able to raise a reader. Keep reading to them until they are able to read it on their own, and your job will be done.

2. Read Yourself

Children always want to be like their parents. If they see you reading, they will be tempted to pick up a book themselves. Once they do it, they won’t be able to put books down.

3. After A Point, Let Them Pick

It would be tempting to make your kids read the kind of books you like, but remember to let your kids choose what they want to read. You might want them to read Enid Blyton or the Mahabharatha, but let them make that choice. After all, once they read a badly written book and learn which kind of books and authors they like reading, they’ll want to switch themselves.

4. Encourage Them To Read Everything

Reading doesn’t only mean books. Encourage your kid to read every bit of paper or article that s/he can – be it newspapers, pamphlets or online articles. Everything contributes to appeasing their need to consume material.

5. Expose Them To Different Books

Make sure your child is exposed to different genres of literature. While they’re younger, they might like children’s books or fantasy novels. As they grow older, show them that there is a whole wide world out there with fiction, adventure, fantasy, politics, science and mythology: literally hundreds of types of books.

6. Gift Them Books

Birthdays, festivals, anniversaries – find an occasion to gift them books instead of say, video games and food items. Books are a lifelong investment and over time, your children will learn to cherish them.