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How To Ensure Shared Responsibility Between Parents Xyz

How To Ensure Shared Responsibility Between Parents Xyz

25 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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Parenting is not just a responsibility, but a feeling of immense pride. Your life’s aspects broaden, as you have to be responsible for every act your child does. Halfway into 2017, it’s important you realize how different parenting has become from the time you were born. Your parents raised you in a certain way and you possibly cannot use the same methods to raise your child.

Child psychologists have researched and proved that the quality of attachment parenting relationships has a direct impact on the psychological well being of the child. It doesn’t matter much if you’re only physically present around your child, the quality of your relationship with the child is more important. You need to establish a proper relationship with your child from the time when they are born.

If only one parent is making ends meet, it can be exhausting and tiresome for that parent. Automatically it becomes stressful and monotonous for both the child and the parent. Therefore, as responsible parents, you need to ensure that you have your responsibilities shared equally.

Here are a few ways you can try to ensure this.

1. You know what you want

You will have to trade when it comes to taking responsibilities. For a mom, you know you always have the last choice and you never get what you really want. So, you resort to negotiation and pleading with your partner, and it is not even fun for you. If you feel like you can handle a particular aspect of your child’s life, be sure that you can. Talk to your partner about it and your life will become simpler too.

2. Your work shouldn’t be an excuse

If you’re a stay at home mom, your husband works rigorously in the office for maybe more than 80 hours a week and you expect him to help you and share equal responsibilities, then you’re wrong. But if he has a family-friendly career, then it is a must that you share your responsibilities.

3. Create mom and dad duties

You might have experienced days when your toddler begins to scream and cry because he/she wants to be with the mother. Just like how you have set your child’s food routine, set one where both you and the daddy can be with the child. You can use popular methods like fixing bathing schedules and playing and entertainment time with dad. Your toddler will slowly get accustomed to it.

Pro tip: Don’t interfere when your husband is in charge of the child.

4. Flexibility is good

When you’re splitting responsibilities equally, it doesn’t mean the responsibilities have to be the same. As mom and dad, you need to have completely separate spheres of responsibilities, so that your child gets to bond with you over different things.

5. Silent treatment is bad

It is alright to lose your temper sometimes. Bursting out with rage and letting it out is important. Men cannot ever understand how silent treatment works. They are quite lousy when it comes to understanding women. Although they can handle anger, sometimes you need to throw tantrums, so it grabs your man’s attention. Silent treatment is bound to backfire and leave you super frustrated.

6. Gloat about your boat

Parenting is like rowing a boat. You need to row with both hands at the same time to move forward. If you see your kid doing great, you got happy feelings about your responsibilities and your husband is satisfied with life in general. You’ll then have all the freedom in the world to brag about your amazing parenting skills. You could brag about how amazing your man is as a father!

Try making use of some of these tips and we’re sure you will make amazing parents and raise some great kids! Share this article with other parent friends who you think will find these tips helpful.











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