How To Look Gorgeous Without Makeup

How To Look Gorgeous Without Makeup

24 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Sometimes, along with all its joys, motherhood tends to leave us a little unkempt. With the time and energy that goes into looking after the kids, many of us cannot find the time and energy to dress ourselves up as we would want to. Running around in the morning getting the kids dressed for school and making sure they don’t miss the bus leaves very little time for the extensive morning routine we may have followed pre-childbirth.

Beauty, however, is a combination of a lot of things. The one thing it is not, is dependent on makeup. There are a lot of ways to look gorgeous and beautiful without having to resort to the application of makeup and other cosmetics.

1. Shiny New Face

shiny face

Never underestimate the power of cleanliness and good skin. The best way to make sure your face is glowing is to exfoliate and wash your face. Exfoliate at least twice a week and wash your face twice a day. But also remember to moisturize so that your skin doesn’t become dry and patchy. Remember to take care of your skin; Don’t wash your face too much because this will strip your skin of its natural oils, and remember to apply sunscreen when going into harsh sunlight.

2. Wardrobe check


Another way to look and feel sexy without makeup is to wear clothes which flatter your body. Clothes which make you look and feel sexy. Try to ensure that your wardrobe contains a good amount of clothes that fit the bill in this respect. But also remember to keep enough potato-esque clothes for the days you want to just laze around. Also pair your clothes with some snazzy accessories because who doesn’t love those?

3. Catch some Zs


I cannot stress enough on the importance of sleep. Sleep has innumerable benefits for you and your body. It restores and stores energy for the entire day and ensures that your metabolism is working properly. Good sleep ensures a healthy body which leads to a healthy mind. This healthy mind is reflected by your outward appearance. In addition to having energy, you also feel upbeat as sleep can help lift your mood, and you feel fresh and ready to face all that the day has to offer.

4. Wear a Smile


Like I mentioned before, good moods go a long way in making you beautiful. Sometimes, the best thing you can do to look beautiful is to smile. Happiness draws people in and appeals to them. Being happy is halfway to being beautiful. So let those pearly whites shine unapologetically. Let your body and person exude happiness.

5. Workout Wednesday


Or Thursday or Friday or all of the above. Exercise is a key component of health and we’ve already established the importance of health in beauty. Exercising helps release hormones which make you happy. They also keep you in shape which also makes you happy. Some people even say that they feel like they’re glowing after a good workout.

6. Beauty Hacks

beauty hacks

While you can’t use makeup, you can use other tips and tricks to make your face look slightly more presentable. Here are a few of them. Pinch your cheeks to give them a little colour and blush-look. Make your lips plump and shiny by applying oil. Keep your eyebrows well groomed as they can have a lot of impact on the overall look of your face. Try curling your eyelashes to make them stand out a bit more and make your eyes pop.

7. Head Up High


Another thing people are drawn to immensely is confidence. Be confident about your beauty and your personality and the rest will work itself out. Don’t let anyone get you down or judge you based on your looks. Hold your head up high and keep it there.

These few suggestions are guaranteed to help you look and feel beautiful like it’s nobody’s business. You may never again feel the compulsion to follow a daily makeup routine!











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