How To Look Your Best On Your Babys First Birthday

How To Look Your Best On Your Babys First Birthday

1 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read


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Your baby’s first birthday is their day, we know. But it doesn’t hurt for you to look pretty too right? After all, you are the mother of the ‘star of the day’. So, why not steal the limelight carrying your precious one-year-old in a stunning outfit.

Here are a few tricks that will help you look your best on such an important day.

1. Sunglasses

If your little one’s birthday party is going to be under the sun, sunglasses are what you will need to look like a diva, especially in the photographs. Somehow, sunglasses have the ability to up your style quotient instantly and so effortlessly. You don’t even have to bother with eye makeup with a stunning pair. Such an easy way to look your best right?

2. A cute button down

Hitting the gym might be hard while taking care of your naughty toddler. But a cute button down shirt is there to take care of the results of bunking gym. Carry an extra one in your bag in case of mishaps (we know you just dread those food spills). Button downs are the easiest to change out of.

3. A dress

A dress that hugs you in all the right places will accentuate your curves, automatically making you the hottest mum around. Be it when you’re walking around with your little doll in the stroller or when you’re carrying him/her on your waist, you are guaranteed to make jaws drop.

4. A cardigan

A cardigan can make you cosy and comfortable as well as stylish. It will keep you warm during the winter months or even if your baby’s birthday happens to be a random cold day. Wearing a cardigan will cut out the unnecessary exteriors of your beautiful silhouette. A dark cardigan goes a long way in helping us in all situations. Trust us!

5. A chunky necklace

A chunky necklace is a statement piece. You will have a lot to prepare for on your child’s first birthday party, so we understand if you want to wear something comfortable and casual. A statement necklace will draw all the attention to it and fade out other things in the background. So, grab a necklace with multiple colours that will highlight your glowing skin and your eyes.

But remember mothers, it doesn’t matter what you wear on this important day. You are the reason why a beautiful miracle is on this earth and that says more than enough about you.











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