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How To Make Your Baby Sleep Xyz

How To Make Your Baby Sleep Xyz

22 Apr 2022 | 2 min Read


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At times getting your baby to sleep can be purely instinctive – ‘My baby sleeps as soon as he sucks on the pacifier’ or ‘Once I breastfeed, I know my baby is going to sleep’. But more times than not, these can fail you. Here are a few things you can try when you find your baby restless and unwilling to sleep.


Having a bath-time with warm water and your comforting touch will relax your baby. Make it fun but not too much because it might get your baby excited all over again and you don’t want that!

Sleep together

Try sleeping with your baby when you put her/him to sleep. You can place the crib next to your bed rather than a different room. Hearing your voice and seeing you will make your baby less anxious and more prone to sleep.

The perfect bedtime

Setting an ideal bedtime is important. It might be difficult to master and will take some time. Start by taking cues from your little one. Put her to bed as soon as you see her being drowsy rather than waiting till she falls asleep. Little things like yawns and rubbing the eyes can be hints of your baby being ready for bed.

Keep it cool

It’s essential that you keep the temperature in the bedroom just right, preferably on the cooler side. Having a well-ventilated room is ideal. The gentle breeze will coax your baby to sleep in no time.

Soothe and Massage

It is not a surprise that your baby prefers your voice over strangers. So when you sing a lullaby or tell a nighttime story, your baby will be soothed and feel sleepy soon. It’s not just your voice but your touch is also comforting for your little one. So massage his/her tummy, arms and legs with moderate pressure. You can even use baby oil.


If your baby is colicky, swaddling might be the perfect way to lull him/her to sleep. Wrap your baby tightly in a blanket for warmth and security. But do this only after you’ve made sure your baby is not hungry or wet.











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