How To Make Your Fussy Kid Eat Better Xyz

How To Make Your Fussy Kid Eat Better Xyz

21 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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Every parent wants their children to grow strong and healthy. While most kids love to binge on pizzas, burgers, pastries and similar lip smacking foods, their diet should also be adequately balanced with the essential nutrients. A balanced diet can have a huge impact on the overall growth and development of a kid.

But making the kids eat healthy and nutritious foods can be an epic struggle. Every day, parents, especially mothers, try every trick up their sleeves to ensure that their child eats a balanced diet. For parents who want their kids to eat healthy foods without any fuss, the following tips are what could work best –

1. Follow what you preach

Kids love imitating their parents. From dressing style to walking, they look up to their parents as their role models. Some experiments suggest that kids often want to have what their parents and other grown ups in the family eat. So make a healthy and nutritious supper for the whole family. Have the meal together with the baby. Many kids will have the healthy food without much struggle seeing their parents enjoying the same.

2. Set realistic goals

Blessed are the parents whose kids enjoy the healthy foods. The majority of parents have a hard time convincing their kids to eat nutritious foods. Thus, be prepared for failures in the first few attempts. Set realistic expectations. Try and win your child’s confidence and then work towards your child’s healthy diet.

3. Homemade tasty foods served on a platter

Twice or thrice a week, surprise your kid with pasta, burgers or pizzas. There is, however, a small twist in this, the tasty food comes straight out of mommy’s kitchen with some healthy modifications. Making the food at home has its own set of advantages. You will not only be able to make a healthy, tasty, and hygienic dish but also keep the kid happy with the nutritious food delight. Yes, the process can be a bit tiring for you, but it is surely worth the effort.

4. Innovation at its best

With a little innovation and creativity, you can make your kid’s diet healthy and balanced. A small example to help you understand: It is a well-known fact that kids and spinach just don’t go together. So what you can do is make a spinach puree (if you want, you can add more vegetables of your choice). You can then garnish it with dry fruits or any fruits of your kids choice. Try and include colorful fruits and vegetables in the diet. The idea is to make the dish presentable and tempting. You can try a lot of other things with many healthy fruits and vegetables.

5. Eating can be fun

With kids, it is important to have patience. Losing your cool or being strict can worsen the matter. Indulge in games or fun activities, keep the child busy and engaged with something interesting, and then slowly try to feed them the healthy food. This trick is sure to make things a lot easier for you.

6. Unleash the master chef in your kid

Kids love to be a helping hand to their parents in the kitchen. So the next time, your child enters the kitchen, do not shoo them away. Instead, encourage them, let them help you with their tiny hands (keeping their safety in mind). It can be messy, but your child will enjoy the process. In fact, they will surprisingly eat the food (which, otherwise they would have opposed vehemently) as well.

7. Talk to them

Try and make your kids understand the importance of a balanced diet. It is not recommended to tempt your child with chocolates, tasty foods or some irresistible rewards.

Also, make sure your child doesn’t skip the breakfast at any cost. The breakfast should be as healthy as possible. Include fruits. If necessary, put on your creative hat but make sure your child has his/her breakfast without fail.