How To Teach Your Child To Become Independent Xyz

How To Teach Your Child To Become Independent Xyz

25 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Children are born ready to get out there and rule the world. All they need is a little push. Your child needs to learn how to become independent from a very young age, as it will craft them as better functional human beings. Independence is quite important for children and as parents, you need to know when to give your child the freedom he/she needs.

Imagine a situation in which your child demands a lot of attention as s/he is unable to do his/her daily activities like doing things as simple as tying their shoe laces or wearing clothes. Without independence, your child will become completely dependent on you or their caregiver. This will lead to problems like separation anxiety and low self-esteem.

Here are few ways you can help your child to become independent.

1. Motivation

You have been doing a lot for your child and it was all for the good. Now, it is time for you to step back and watch your child do his/her own thing. Tell them things like, “You’re old enough to wear clothes on your own!” if they make a fuss while dressing up.

Avoid calling them ‘baby’ or any similar words, as they can make them become dependent on you.

2. Give them a chance

List all the things they could do by themselves like – wearing clothes, eating food, brushing, using the toilet, washing the face, wearing shoes and lots more. Ask your child what he/she would like to do by themselves. It is going to increase their willingness to try out new things by themselves. It will only make your child bold enough to face the world.

3. Nobody is perfect

If you’re expecting your child to be the kind of person who doesn’t mess up the plate and does not spill milk, you’re going to be disappointed. Leave behind the idea of them being ideal and perfect and appreciate your child’s hard work.

4. Praise them

If you suddenly find your child eating food by himself/herself, you’re surely going to have a proud tear in your eye. Don’t forget to appreciate them for their hard work. They need to be motivated enough to perform tasks brilliantly.

5. Home alone

Children are growing up and they need to know how to survive at home all by themselves without creating a mess or doing anything remotely dangerous. Teach them about the etiquettes, like before opening the door, look from a balcony or through a peep-hole of the door. Keep a safe word so that your child knows that it is you. Don’t forget to appreciate them and tell them about the way they can improve.

All you need to do is be patient with each and every move you make. This way, your child will learn and be a better individual when s/he grows up.