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How To Tell Your Husband You Are Pregnant Xyz

How To Tell Your Husband You Are Pregnant Xyz

22 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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The one thing in life which almost every couple waits for is the day they will become parents and will get to feel that surge of happiness they have dreamt about their entire life. The real feelings of a husband come out when he gets to know that his wife is pregnant and that is when it is decided how the life will go on. But don’t worry, even if your husband is someone who doesn’t show many emotions about anything, he will definitely show them when he hears about this and we have just the right ways through which you can tell him. So pick your choice.

1. Leave him clues

Before your husband wakes up, make clues on stick notes that hint towards your pregnancy and stick them at all the usual places he will walk to as soon as he gets up. The moment he figures it out, he will be crying and laughing with joy.

2. Get a custom puzzle

Get a custom made puzzle which builds up to you saying “YOU’RE GONNA BE A DAD” or “BABY ON BOARD” and let your husband join the pieces. Before even putting the last piece, he will definitely be beaming with joy.

3. Get your elder child a t-shirt saying “I am gonna be a brother/sister”

Before your husband comes back from home, just get your elder child a t-shirt that says “ I am gonna be a brother/sister” and make them wear it. When your husband comes home and sees it, well you’ll know he has figured it out by his smile.

4. Mail your husband the ultrasound

Can’t wait for your husband to get back and tell him, well we have just the way for you. Instead of calling your husband and telling him, just e-mail your ultrasound and put the subject as “Guess what this is”. We are sure your husband will rush back home at that very instant.

5. Throw your husband a “You’re a Dad” surprise party

Why do subtle things when you can have a blast!! Call in the party people and be ready to surprise your husband with the biggest joy of his life. Once he recovers from the shock he will definitely start jumping and crying with joy.

6. Water in a Feeding Bottle

Purchase a baby feeding bottle and wait for your husband to come home. When he asks for water, get it in a feeding bottle and let his face go from confusion to shock and then to crying with joy.

7. The classic pillow thing

One of the classic ways of telling your husband that he is going to be a father is putting a pillow on your belly and covering it with the t-shirt you are wearing. When he comes home and sees the bulging stomach, he will for sure hug you with joy.

Telling your husband that he is about to be a dad is one of the most precious moments that you will have in your life and making it special will only add to the joy and effect. So make it as special as you can and get to see the quickest change in emotions in your husband. Do tell us how you told him in the comments.











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