Hunt For The Perfect Nanny Xyz

Hunt For The Perfect Nanny Xyz

20 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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For the first couple of months after delivery, you will find it nearly impossible to be separated from your little one. The idea of going off and leaving your child in the care of someone else would make you feel guilty and an irresponsible parent.

However, you’ll soon find that it’s quite irrational to keep your life on hold till your baby is old enough to handle themselves. Whether it’s work commitments or even getting out of the house for a few hours to run errands, it would be quite unnerving knowing your little one is left unattended at home. It’s always wise to consider approaching somebody trustworthy to step in for you while duty calls!

1. Look closer to home

A babysitter doesn’t always have to be someone hired by you to look after your child. You can try approaching the elder members of your family like your parents or your husband’s parents to keep your child safe. That way there is no doubt about their experience in childcare and you know your baby is in safe hands. If they happen to live in another city, try approaching a relative or a close friend if you’re babysitting requirements are infrequent and short.

2. Talk to people

There can always be a possibility that you’re uncomfortable handing your child over to family members. You may not approve of their way of handling children or even something as simple as their non-conducive home environment. These intuitions are entirely valid, so don’t brush them aside. Instead, talk to the people you live or work with. It’s highly likely that at least someone in your immediate circle would have been through the process before, and asking them for recommendations would be wise. It would reduce the burden of approaching a babysitting agency and also ensure that the person you’re hiring is trustworthy and experienced.

3. Interview

Whether you’ve found a potential nanny from a babysitting agency or through recommendations of your friends and family, a personal interview is a must. It’s important to know the disposition of the person you’re hiring. See how well he or she engages with your child. Don’t be opposed to a male babysitter or a teenager looking for a part time job. You’d be surprised at how the most unexpected people are the best with children.

4. Familiarize them with your routine

Before leaving them alone with your child, ensure they have all the contacts they would require in case of an emergency. This would include your personal phone numbers, the neighbours contact details, nearby hospitals, police stations and fire brigades. Tell them about your baby’s sleep cycle and how often they eat. Teach them how to make something that your baby loves eating. Give them a few days to adapt to your child as well. Ensure that they understand the way you treat your child and are willing to do the same.











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