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If He Respects His Family He Respects You Xyz

If He Respects His Family He Respects You Xyz

25 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Marriage is truly a wonderful thing. It brings two people closer together by allowing them to discover new things about each other….things they never knew before. The key to a successful marriage is to understand each other better than anyone else. You two are the only ones who are going to look after each other after all.

How your husband interacts and treats his family can say a lot about his nature and who he was growing up. They have seen him at his best, his worst and they are the ones who brought him up to where he is now.

Finding it hard trying to read your husband? Do his walls seem too thick to break down? No worries! You can absolutely read your husband through the way he treats his family. Here’s how.

His sister

If he has a sister whom he loves very much, chances are that he is going to be really attached to his daughter. Also, since you are his family member too, he will take care of you and protect you just the way he has his sister. Men with sisters usually understand women very well, having spent most of their lives around them. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about being yourself around him – he gets it.

His mother

Observe the way he looks after his mother when she needs him. A man who doesn’t treat his mother with love and respect will not know how to treat any woman with love and respect. A real man makes his mother feel safe, loved and cared for even when she grows old. In fact, when she grows old, he will go out of his way to ensure she is comfortable and doing well.

His father

Most men look up to their fathers as role models. They are the ones who are supposed to teach them first hand about what makes boys become men. By observing the way they bond with each other and the way your father-in-law treats your mother-in-law, you can learn a lot about your husband.

His brother

Brothers are the best way to read a man. How does he usually spend time with his brother? How often does he hang out with him? Men really let themselves go when they are with their brothers. So, if you want to figure out the quirky things about your better half, just invite his brother/s home for a day.

His grandparents

Most young boys spend their childhood at their grandparent’s houses, listening to stories about their family or helping around the house. They have either grown up with them or visited them during the holidays. They may, thus, be quite attached to their grandparents. If your husband is close to his grandparents, you can expect him to be quite sensitive and caring.

So, there you have it. A sure shot way of figuring out what your husband’s heart is made of. If this helped you, do share it with all the other clueless wives you know.











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