If Youve Married A Fellow Bangalorean Youll Relate

If Youve Married A Fellow Bangalorean Youll Relate

1 Jul 2022 | 4 min Read


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These couple of insights define Bangalore men. It is unfair to generalise all of them as the same, but a majority of them project similar traits. Here, we’re going to take a peek into the details of the term ‘Bangalorean’, meaning one that has been born and brought up in Bangalore and who can probably speak Kannada fluently. Other than an evening cup of coffee in the balcony with your better half, these are a few things you delight in. With the outset of migration and relocation, there is the obvious occurrence of Bangaloreans marrying from around the country. This has lead to a culture shock for those coming from the other side.

Well, we are here to prep you for the perks of being with a Bangalorean.

1. Bangaloreans are known to be well educated

Be assured that you will have intellectual conversation with him/her at any point of the day, given the topic is intriguing. This is the result of their varied interests in a range of subjects due to the education from the city’s prestigious schools and colleges. It could be general news, politics, topics that are taboo, science, art or culture.

2. Gold shopping is a cake walk

This is a ‘South Indian Husband’ perk in general. They are pros when shopping for gold, and this isn’t necessarily because of their specific interest, but because of their family (your in-laws). Do not be surprised if the salesperson offers you coffee the second you walk in, as his family may be the jeweller’s regular customer.

3. Best places in town

When you are in their part of the town, they will no doubt know the areas inside out. Be rest assured that they will take you to places to make your most cherished memories with them and even ensure that you get slightly familiar with the area.

4. Long drives

Your long drive will definitely involve a trip to Nandi Hills at least once. You will end up having a cup of coffee or tea and driving back, but that’s the simple pleasure of being married to him/her.

5. Bangalorean men and women tend to be of class

If you are going out for a formal dinner or an office party, you will never be ashamed to tag them along with you. They will catch everyone’s attention with their refined taste in clothes, manners and conversation.

6. Your in-laws

Most Bangalorean in-laws are fairly suave in their lifestyle. They will treat you very well and understand very well that a young couple require their space . Raising their tone to yell at you is not something you will have to endure.

7. Recipes

If you have married a Bangalorean boy, don’t be surprised or taken aback when your in-laws go out of their way to teach you South Indian recipes. They just want to be sure that their son is getting the sufficient South Indian nutrients (if there is something like that). On the bright side, you will learn how to make perfect dosas.

8. Open mindedness

Bangaloreans are comparatively forward thinking. Going to pubs and restro-bars are normal Saturday evening plans. Drinking with him/her is going to be fun.

9. Keeping standards

If you are going out with them, they will expect you to dress according to the occasion. Both of you have to be on par with each other, complementing each other’s outfits.

10. Silk saree

For the lucky women, the saree you receive from his/her parents at the time of wedding is your most prized possession. He loves the way you flaunt yourself in the gorgeous silk saree that his mother has so lovingly given you.