Mum Akansha Gulati Talks About The Importance Of Creating A Self-Identity

Mum Akansha Gulati Talks About The Importance Of Creating A Self-Identity

5 Jul 2022 | 4 min Read

Sayani Basu

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Life is all about experimenting and gaining experiences. Therefore, we should always try to live life to the fullest and try out new activities, acquire skills and give time to ourselves. We should work on ourselves and try to create a self-identity that will actually help us flaunt our persona with great verve.

In a candid interview with BabyChakra Insider Club Mum, Akansha Gulati shares her views on creating a self-identity. Mum to two adorable kids, Kanav and Krisha, Akansha also shares some of her experiences in her parenting journey. Take a look!

Akansha Gulati works as a content creator and a social media influencer.

Insider Club Mum Akansha Gulati On Creating A Self-Identity

Tell us something about yourself.

I am working as a content creator and a social media influencer. Besides, I am pursuing some of my hobbies and have developed some skills which have helped me create a self-identity.

Although a life-changing event, there are certain things that women dislike about pregnancy. Did you experience such discomfort?

I have enjoyed both my pregnancies and I was really looking forward to the big day. I preferred not taking a break during my pregnancies and worked throughout.

The only discomfort that I experienced was morning sickness which kept me away from food during the first trimester.

Which foods did you avoid during your pregnancy and which ones did you crave?

I am a big fan of Maggi and chocolates. These were my “go-to” thing during both my pregnancies.

Often women find it difficult to resume work after having a baby. How did you strike the balance?

As I was working from home, I did not face such challenges. The remote work has really helped me take up assignments and complete them at my convenience.

But I think things are way different and difficult for mums who have to work from offices.

How has your journey been as an Insider Club mum of  BabyChakra

I am glad to be a part of BabyChakra. The fact that my suggestions and opinions are heard while making skincare products for babies, is something I can’t pen down. Hats off to them!

Did you know that BBC products are devoid of artificial fragrances, paraben, mineral oil, and phenoxyethanol that are used in most baby products available in the market? What are your thoughts on adding all-natural ingredients to a baby’s skincare product?

Yes, I am aware of it and that’s the reason I have been recommending all its products to my friends and family.

The little one’s skin is super-soft and sensitive. It is still developing and it requires skincare products that are organic and devoid of nasties. BabyChakra has been doing that perfectly! 

What makes BabyChakra the one-stop destination for your baby’s personal products?

No doubt, BabyChakra is the one-stop destination for your bay’s personal products as they formulate all the products with natural ingredients.

They also keep in mind the suggestions shared by the mums who have an experience and knowledge of what a baby’s tender skin demands.

Akansha have harboured some special skills like being patient and compassionate while embracing motherhood.

Is there any particular thing that you have learned after becoming a mother?

Being a mother has taught me so many qualities. One of them is being patient.

I have also harboured certain skills in the process. It has helped me to interact with my kids and be compassionate towards them. At the same time, it has given me the opportunity to enjoy parenthood.

After having a child, personal choices take a back seat. Akansha Gulati shared that life should not become stagnant after embracing motherhood. All mums should create an identity for themselves.

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