Is Green Baby Poop Normal Find Out Reasons For Your Babys Poop Turning Green Xyz

Is Green Baby Poop Normal Find Out Reasons For Your Babys Poop Turning Green Xyz

19 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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However, many other things also play a role in determining the baby’s poop color. Green is a color most mothers are taken aback by. Below are some reasons why your baby’s poo is green.

1. An excess of foremilk

Foremilk is the thin, watery breast milk that comes out when you start to breastfeed. This form of breast milk is rich in lactose. An excess of lactose causes the baby to become gassy which often leads to a bright-green, frothy poop. Make sure your baby doesn’t get full on foremilk and do not swap the breast too early, before feeding the baby hind milk as well.

2. Teething

Teething is a common reason for green poop. The excess of saliva irritates the intestinal lining causing green poop.

3. Formula brand

Change in the brand of formula could also be the cause for your baby’s poo changing to green. This indicated an allergy to the formula. Consult your pediatrician if this occurs and switch to another brand.

4. Starting on solids

When you first start your child on solids is could result in a green color due to what you’re feeding the baby. In this case, the changing food patterns result in the changing texture and color of the poop.

5. Sickness

As mentioned earlier, a baby’s poo is a guide to his health. Illnesses like a cold, stomach flu or an infection could also be the cause of the green colored poop. If your child is feverish and has foul-smelling green poop, take your child to the clinic as it could be a stomach infection.

6. Diarrhea

This is more often than not, the most common cause for green poop. Diarrhea is most likely the cause of a virus, which leads to the foul-smelling, watery, green colored poop.

7. Antibiotics

Either the breastfeeding mother on antibiotics or the infant on antibiotics may be the cause of the green colored poop here. This is often a side effect of the antibiotics. Nevertheless, let your doctor know of this occurrence and he should be able to tell you whether to continue or stop the medication.

8. Green vegetable intake

Intake of a lot of greens in both the lactating mom and the baby can be the cause for the green poop. This is not a cause for concern but just a way means of letting you know what you or your child has been eating.

All the above reasons are mostly never a cause for concern and is normal in babies. However, make sure you visit the doctor when you notice a drop in your baby’s weight, for diarrhea and other illnesses, when he looks bloated for over 2 days, is experiencing cramps and pain in the stomach or if your baby is frequently passing green stools.

As long as you are in constant touch with your pediatrician with regular check-ups and inform him of the change in his stool patterns, there should be no cause for concern.











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