Is Your Body Prone To Vaginal Bacterial Infection Xyz

Is Your Body Prone To Vaginal Bacterial Infection Xyz

19 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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The vagina is such an important part of your body and you have to take care of it by maintaining some level of hygiene. Your vagina is prone to infections and all kinds of nasty things that are ugly. The most commonly occurring infection in the female body is the ‘Bacterial Vaginosis’ also known as ‘Vaginal Bacterial Infection’.

What is ‘Bacterial Vaginosis?

This is a mild bacterial infection that happens inside the vagina. As you know there a billion bacteria present in the human body out of which some bacteria are good for you and some are bad.

What happens to the vagina when there’s an infection like this is that the pH balance gets disrupted. If your discharge has a pH value of 4.5 r higher, you are likely to have the infection.It can happen to any woman aged between 15-44 years.This infection can be recurring even after getting the treatment done!

Can Pregnant women get this infection?

Even pregnant women cannot prevent this condition from happening to them and the worst part is that the infection could worsen. It could lead to premature labor and baby will not be very healthy. The baby will be underweight.

How does it occur?

-This condition occurs because there are too many of those bad bacteria than the good ones. It causes a massive imbalance of the balance of your body fluids.

-It occurs even if you’ve had or not had sex. It can happen even if you’ve have had more than one sexual partners.

-Although it is not a kind of any sexually transmitted disease(STD), it can harm your body’s functionality.

-If you’ve been smoking cigarettes, you are susceptible to the infection.

-You are more prone to catching this if you don’t ‘douche’ yourself.

What are the Symptoms?

-Your vaginal discharge will be abnormal.

-Grayish-white discharge can be observed.

-Green vaginal discharge can occur too.

-The vagina has a foul rotting kind of a stench. It smells like a fish to be more precise.

-The vagina feels itchier.

-You will feel a major burning sensation when you pee.

Did you know?

Some women end up having this bacterial infection even without showing any of the symptoms.

Is there a home remedy to cure this infection?

1. Garlic

It is rich in antibacterial and it will help cure the vaginal problem quickly!


Eating this can help you cool your body internally and its antibiotic property will soothe your itching and remove the unpleasant odor rapidly.

3. Tea Tree Oil

The oil of this tree is very useful in the field of medicine to cure the vaginal bacterial infection. A tampon is dipped into this oil and then inserted into the body.

4.Maintain Hygiene

Your vagina and your butthole are situated close to each other and what you need to do is maintain some standards of hygiene. Douche yourself every time you pee. Don’t just pull up your panties and walk out with a wet bum.

Use a tissue paper of a good quality and wipe it straight from the back to the front. Wipe yourself dry so that you also don’t feel unpleasant and you’re not vulnerable to catching the infection.











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