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Is Your Child Unable To Fall Asleep Here’S Why! Xyz

Is Your Child Unable To Fall Asleep Here’S Why! Xyz

22 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Every human body has a body clock. This clock determines what time the person automatically falls asleep, wakes up, and what time the person is most active. Even babies have this sleep cycle. If your child’s sleep cycle is messed up, then the child could have a really hard time falling asleep and an even harder time waking up.

Like how our body has functions to perform in daytime, our body has to perform certain functions during the night too. If your child doesn’t get enough sleep, s/he might have trouble functioning properly the next day. A child’s sleep is influenced by several factors –

1. Sleeping Routine

A child needs to have a sleeping routine in place if s/he needs to have a set pattern and time for falling asleep. If a child has an irregular routine, then the child will definitely have a hard time falling asleep. For example, if your child doesn’t have a regular time of sleeping, then it would be really difficult for her/him to wake up early in the morning to go to school.

2. Lack of Bedtime Activity Routine

Sleeping activities help in setting a daily schedule. The body will get accustomed to the activity and fall asleep when s/he starts doing that activity. This could be anything like reading a book, listening to music, saying prayers, taking a bath or even putting on nightclothes. These routines will eventually end up inducing sleep in the baby.

3. Too Much Screen Time Before Bed

This is a very common problem among both adults and children. Phone, laptop and TV screens emit blue and UV light, which signals your body to stay alert and awake. The longer your child uses it, the longer s/he will want to use it, because your body is just not ready to fall asleep yet.

4. Not Being Around Nature

This may be an indirect effect, but studies have shown that kids who are not exposed to nature and fresh air have difficulty in falling asleep. This might be because children are not exposed to the relaxing and calming effects of fresh air. Children also experience less fatigue and tiredness when outdoors than when indoors.

5. Lack of Nutrients

Lack of nutrition in the body can result in your child experiencing sleeplessness. Healthy meals in the day make sure that the kid is well fed and if your child isn’t, then s/he might not be able to sleep well.

6. Noise!

If your child’s sleep environment is noisy, then s/he might have trouble falling asleep. It may not even be loud or noisy, it may just be the buzz of the TV in the next room, or the parents talking to each other in the hall, or even someone sleeping in the same room snoring loudly. All these affect the way your baby sleeps, and need to be monitored to ensure a sound sleep for your baby.











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