Is Your Smartphone Affecting Your Relationship With Your Kids

Is Your Smartphone Affecting Your Relationship With Your Kids

19 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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We live in a time where leaving the house without a smartphone is an unimaginable scenario. We wake up in the morning, check out phones. On the run, we check our phones. While working, socializing or relaxing, our hands invariably reach for the device that might be ruining your life. Here’s how

1. Memory

We rely on our smartphone for a lot more than just calls and texts. Our phone has replaced our calendars, phone directory, calculators and a lot more. This ease has made our brain lazy. We no longer feel the need to remember birthdays, phone numbers, locations and the likes because it’s so easily accessible at the stretch of a hand. Our brain becoming inactive will undoubtedly have an extremely negative impact on our lives and our relationships with the people around us.

2. Dopamine

Why is it that everyone is so addicted to their phones? The answer is dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is linked with the motivational aspects of the brain. It can trigger happiness and painful responses. This is why we feel a sense of achievement and euphoria when we get another like on our Instagram post and a sense of despair when we get only 10 views on our Snapstory. The release of dopamine gives us a sense of validation that we seek from the people around us, making us addicted.

3. Multiplier effect

You might be spending a lazy day at home with your child. But checking your phone ever so often is going to do more damage than you can imagine. Not only is it going to hamper your relationship with your child, but also set a negative example for them. They’ll probably grow up to act the same way. Researches have proved that that people get jealous of the attention given to smartphones rather than to them, and this applies to your romantic relationships as well as your relationship with your kids.

4. Everyday interactions

Being so addicted to your smartphone, you’ll probably find it difficult to interact with people off the virtual world. It could be at a parent teacher conference or at a child’s birthday. Conversations might become awkward and you start feeling out of place without a phone in your hand. It might go to the extent that you start avoiding people in real life because you prefer interacting over the internet.

5. Detachment

Being so accustomed to the internet, you probably become detached in real life. To some, refreshing your news feed becomes more important than helping your child with their homework. If not more important, then equally important. But this constant need to be in touch with everyone all the time affects the quality of your relationships. Your child may not be getting the attention she deserves.

Attention span

You’ll find yourself constantly asking your child to repeat themselves during a conversation. Either because you were too busy on the phone or because your attention span has now decreased so much that capturing what is being said to you has become difficult. Your child might then prefer not to share experiences with you and rather keep to themselves











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