It Is Okay Not To Breastfeed Xyz

It Is Okay Not To Breastfeed Xyz

22 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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There are certain times when mothers simply cannot breastfeed due to a medical condition that prevents them from doing so – perhaps they are undergoing chemotherapy or they had a breast surgery. Mothers everywhere read about how breastmilk is better for your baby than formula feed. Despite this, there are mothers who even if they can breastfeed, they supplement the feed with formula and their babies still turn out just fine. So will your baby turn out to be perfectly happy and healthy even if you cannot breastfeed? The answer, in short, is yes, your baby will be alright. Read on to find out what alternatives you could use.

Find Donor Friends

The best way to get some baby food is from your friends! After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Chances are there will be a couple of nursing mothers in your neighbourhood. So go to their houses and make a request to donate extra breast milk to your baby.

They could do this by expressing breast milk and storing it in a bottle which you could collect from them later in the day. If they don’t have a pump, give them a pump to use for now. Most mothers would gladly agree once you explain your condition to them as pumping milk would help them regulate their own milk flow as well. The more moms you talk to, the better. That way, even if you only get one or two bottles from each mom, it would be enough. Show your gratitude for the moms by giving them sweets or snacks every now and then or inviting them home for lunch on a weekend.

Expert advice: Screen and pasteurize the milk before you give it to your baby.

The Right Formula

Soon enough, the donor supply of milk is not going to be enough for your baby. You would then have to resort to supplementing her feed with formula.

Although some moms may prefer making their own homemade formula due to it being more economical and a seemingly healthier option, experts advise against it. When making formula at home, the right quantity of ingredients must be added. If the nutrient content does not meet the recommended amount, or if any of the ingredients are not easily digestible, it could be dangerous for your baby. This is why it is better to stick to commercially produced formula as they have been tested and reviewed multiple times by experts. Opt for a formula that is standardized and popularly recommended. Beware, however, that your baby is going to get gassy after formula feed.

If you are going to opt for homemade feed anyway, do consult your doctor for a recipe that would work best for your baby. You can also opt for an organic baby formula which contains all the necessary nutrients without any of the harmful chemicals.

So don’t worry mommies! If you are already following the above tips, you are already doing enough for your baby. Share this with all the amazing mothers you know to let them know you are thinking about them.