Jogging Xyz

Jogging Xyz

11 Apr 2022 | 2 min Read


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Health is wealth and what could be a better time to write a new chapter of fitness in your life than this, when you are blessed with your little one! So, besides, having a healthy and balanced diet, you’ve got to make sure that your body gets the workout it needs. And for beginners, what could be better than jogging? So, today we bring you a comprehensive guide on jogging and everything else you need to know about it.

The benefits of jogging

Jogging is a kind of cardio exercise. It is very popular and suits everyone because of the many good things it does to your body. It helps in burning fat and keeping your heart healthy and strong. This exercise also relieves you of hypertension and blood pressure disorders. And most importantly, it reduces body fat, helps you lose weight and keeps you in shape.

Jogging for new mums

Generally, women should rest for approximately six weeks after labour before getting started with any sort of workout. In case you had a c-section you might need to be more careful and would also have to wait for several weeks. In any case, it is extremely important that you consult your gynaecologist.

After all that your body has been through, do not propel yourself into full fledged workout routines as they might make conditions worse for you. Begin slowly with lighter exercises like walking and stretching. Just do not do jogging straightaway. After you get stronger and used to these exercises, take baby steps(what a metaphor reference!) and move cumulatively towards the harder exercises. Always be in your comfort zone and do not try to overdo things.

Be careful

All you need to remember while going ahead with postpartum exercise is that you should listen to your body. Go easy and slowly. A few things that indicate you are doing it wrong or overdoing it are:

Redder vaginal discharge which is heavier than usual.

Persistent or recurrent bleeding down there.

A lot of pain in joints or muscles.

You should also be careful with your abdominal muscles after delivery as these might develop a gap because of pregnancy. So do not do any exercise that causes stress in this area like sit ups or crunches.

Besides all this, your diet is as important as is working out. So eat healthy and drink lot and lots of water.











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