Letter From An Unbornstraight To Mommys Heart Xyz

Letter From An Unbornstraight To Mommys Heart Xyz

20 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Dear mommy,

I know we still haven’t officially met, but I am a part of you. First of all, I’m really lucky to be here inside of you. I’m here mommy!! It is really dark in here, but it is warm and comforting too. I’m really here mom and I cannot wait to finally be wrapped in your loving arms.

You know what, we have the same blood passing through our veins and we share the same flesh and that makes me a part of you. I even eat the same food as you do! I know this because I’m attached to you by the cord of life- Umbilical Cord. I have been nourished with all the good nutrients from the healthy and delicious food you have been eating.

You know what..I can actually recognize your voice and I know you’re always speaking to me and reading some nice poetries and singing some melodious songs just for me. I can hear you mom! Every time you touch your belly, my heart flutters and I get so excited to see you. The way you touch your belly, I already feel protected and loved by you.

The best part about you is when you laugh. You don’t do it quite often and I have no idea what causes it but when it happens, I feel amazing. Remember the days when you feel jiggly inside your stomach? Yeah, that was because I was having hiccups. You must have enjoyed the funny feeling of the butterflies fluttering inside your tummy every time that happened.

Although I cannot hear much, as far as I know, life is beautiful outside your womb. Listening to the way everybody is talking about you and the way they touch you, it makes me feel really excited to finally meet everybody who has been there for us throughout the journey.

You know what, I’m living inside of you and I know how stressed out you are about me. You may look just fine on the outside, but within you, there lies a truck load of tension. It bothers you a lot but you’re been so positive about it and you’ve only looked forward.

You’ve been a sailor, fighting through the several storms and facing anything that comes your way. Be it a complicated health issue or the minor most of the troubles, you’ve faced them all head on. You’re a brave and a selfless woman as you’ll be dedicating yourself to me completely.

But I promise to be there for you, I promise to respect you and be by your side always through sickness and health. Let there be a shower of asteroids and meteors, you’ll still find me by your side.

Loads Of Love

Your Baby











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