Life Of A Couple After Becoming Parents

Life Of A Couple After Becoming Parents

27 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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This phase is just temporary, just a transition!

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People spend months preparing for a baby, but no matter how much you prepare, everything will change. Even if you think you know the A to Z of having a baby you NEVER know enough. What you read, the infinite advice you receive from EVERYONE, not just your immediate family, but, your relatives, your friends, your acquaintances will help you and guide you but you’re in for much more than you think you are.

Having a baby brings about many changes especially with your partner. Now it’s not just the two of you but also your little bundle of cuteness, your team of three. Research also shows that couples aren’t happy with each other after having a baby. This isn’t surprising because you’re constantly tired, anxious, worried about your baby’s health, financial issues. It can all just be too much.

1. If you thought you were busy before now the baby takes up ALL your time. You have less time for your partner.

Men tend to feel like the third wheel in the new team. A newborn is a lot of work and it is hard to manage for new mothers. Spending time alone together gets harder. Anytime you get, you just want to drop everything and take a nap. Men may feel ignored and jealous. They may even feel jealous that their partner gets to spend more time with the baby.

Well, if this was how he was before, that’s changed.

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2. Say goodbye to sleep and to sex! Tough isn’t it?

Just maybe not as happy as they are.

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Many couples find that their sex lives have taken a big toll after having a baby. Couples are constantly tired. Women don’t feel as sexy after the extra pounds they may even fear sex as painful. Some couples also have the worry of having a second child. Men tend to feel rejected and may get upset.

You probably didn’t say it that way.

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3. You may start having arguments with your partner regarding your parent style.

You may want to pick up your baby whenever he/she cries while your partner might want to tough it out a bit. It could cause some problems in your relationship!

So, who wins?

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You both just need to understand that there is no right or wrong and you will just learn as time passes by. What you can do to make things if not all fine at least better.

You need to communicate with your partner. Talking about how you feel can reduce your problems by half. You also need to think of yourself. Try helping each other. Understand that it can be stressful and it’s okay to need a break from your little one. Ask for help there’s nothing wrong and take some time, maybe even just 5 minutes in your day to relax AND don’t worry your relationship will come back to normal if not it may only get better.

Just don’t say bye forever.

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