Mom Story Despite Being In Icu Mother Keeps Pumping Breast Milk For Her Newborn Xyz

Mom Story Despite Being In Icu Mother Keeps Pumping Breast Milk For Her Newborn Xyz

19 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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A mother’s love knows no boundaries. She knows how to run behind her child to feed him/her and take care of them and if she wants she can even make God himself bend the knee in front of her. Though this is knowledge is there somewhere at the back of our minds, it is only refreshed when we get to know about a mother’s love in real life instances.

Speaking of motherly love, we bring to you the story of one unique mom who could not be stopped even by the doctors to feed her newborn children. This story we bring to you is from U.S about a mom who was hospitalized just 22 weeks into her pregnancy. Melissa Churchill was diagnosed with Preeclampsia and had to be admitted to the hospital so that the doctors could keep a close eye on her. But, in her 26th week, things took a turn for worse and she was diagnosed with HELLP Syndrome which is a life-threatening variant of preeclampsia.

This meant that her twin babies had to be delivered in an emergency C-section operation at just 26 weeks gestation. Both the mother and the babies faced critical situations and yet with the doctor’s help, Melissa was able to deliver both her children but it took a toll on her and she had to be shifted to ICU where she remained in critical condition. Now call it maternal instinct or God’s work, even while being in ICU, she knew her children too were in critical condition and she had to do her best to take care of them too.

We have all heard that the best food for a newborn is their own mother’s milk. And that is exactly what Melissa did. Against all advice from doctors and while still being on life support herself, she started pumping breast milk for her little babies who themselves had been fighting for their life. Though one of the twins was able to sustain himself somehow, the other baby, however, was a bit too weak and went into critical life support. Both the children, however, were continuously fed with their mother’s milk and the healthier twin is actually better.

Sadly, the twin in critical condition was put off life support as he was just too weak and it was crueller to keep him there like this. But while this brave mother fights for her own life and mourns her one son. She has still kept on pumping breast milk for her other son who, against all odds, has survived and though a bit weak, is adapting to the environment properly.

We salute this mother for her courage and the deep feeling of motherhood she has instilled in all other mothers around the world. Putting your own self in harm’s way without giving even a second thought of whether you will live or not is something that we can only imagine But ask any mother and they will be ready to even fight God if he tries to harm their child.











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