Mom This Is For You! Xyz

Mom This Is For You! Xyz

12 Apr 2022 | 2 min Read


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There are so many words to describe motherhood – Enchanting, breathtaking, a privilege and so on… But one word that you might not see that often in reference to motherhood is, exhausting.

Yes, Parenting is hard. No matter how well you have things planned out, life will always find a way to make all of your lists and to-dos irrelevant.

It’s a demanding job. There are so many sleepless nights that you would’ve lost count of them. Finding the right balance between taking care of your children, your husband, your work, the usual household chores and taking care of yourself is difficult. You’ll feel tired, exhausted even and there will be times when you wish you could give up everything and walk away but you don’t because motherhood is a gift that keeps giving. Despite everything, motherhood is a joy and an experience that is unbeatable.

You are often worried about the expectations that is set by your own family or the society. Motherhood is a constant struggle towards meeting these expectations but moms often lose sight of what’s important along the way.

So, relax and treat yourself to a cup of coffee or tea and chillax. Do not overwhelm yourself and always schedule some me-time in your daily routine. There’s no arguing that you’re a supermom, but even superheroes need a sidekick. Make your husband or any member of your family, your sidekick. Don’t take every task upon yourself, try delegating a few of them to your husband. For example, if you prepared the meal then your husband can clear out the dishes. It’s a novel thing to do.

They might not do a perfect job of it in the beginning but eventually, they’ll become good at it. This will leave you with a lot of time on your hands that you can use on yourself.

Do not stress over little things. Micromanaging is more often bad than good. Trust us on this! Take a chill-pill now and then and maybe catch up on that new movie you’ve been wanting to see!











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