MomStar Winner And Single Mum Monika Vijay Verma Shows Us How To Be Brave

MomStar Winner And Single Mum Monika Vijay Verma Shows Us How To Be Brave

13 Jun 2022 | 6 min Read

Reema Shah

Author | 492 Articles

Life is a journey with sudden turns and it brings all kinds of experiences. But only a strong woman continues to keep her heart strong and move on to remain focused and achieve her goals. 

Speaking to BabyChakra MomStar winner Vijay Monika gets candid about her marriage, motherhood, career and how her life took a turn when her husband passed away. She’s since then been a single mum to her adorable daughter Vamika who is 16 months old.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a single mother who was an engineer before. I was born and brought up in Bihar. I come from a middle-class background and have faced a lot of problems but I stand strong and still smile with hidden tears. 

2. Are you a working mum? If yes, please tell us about your profession.

Soon after completing my graduation, I got married. I used to write anthology books and have also written for Indore’s first food magazine i.e. the Indori Zayka Magazine. I also have been a compiler and editor of several anthology books which were published by me. So, I am not working but now I have started a journey as a content creator and I enjoy every bit of it.

momstar Vijay Monika Verma
Momstar Vijay Monika is a talented and motivated single mum and wishes to make it big in content creation

3. How do you manage motherhood and content creation?

Being a mother is really very challenging for me but my family supports me whenever I need them. Since I became a mum, I have enjoyed each day with my baby whether it’s putting her to sleep, changing her diapers or taking care of her health. For me, my baby is my first priority. So, I do content creation when I am free from her or at times I even shoot with her.

4. How was your pregnancy journey? Did you face any challenges?

My pregnancy journey was really very smooth. I faced a little bit of nausea in the first trimester. But throughout my pregnancy days, I used to enjoy it without feeling any pain or any issues. It was a healthy 9 months for me.

Vijay Monika had an arranged marriage and had a healthy pregnancy

5. Husbands play a crucial role in bringing up a child, what are your views on equal parenting? How did your hubby help you co-parent?

I highly believe in equal parenting but as I lost my hubby, I am left alone, but I will definitely try to take care of my daughter. I have to play both roles for her which is definitely going to be tough but I will surely give my best to her.

6. Did your relationship with your husband change after becoming a parent?

My relationship with my husband was not so happening during the initial days due to misunderstandings which are common in an arranged marriage. Slowly we started understanding each other and it became better with each day. After I became pregnant I experienced the best love story between me and my partner. 

But soon after the baby, I lost him to covid. Our story would have been like the next Heer Ranjha and Laila Majnu but I had to go through the sudden loss.

MomStar Winner Monika Vijay Verma
Momstar Vijay Monika is the mother to an adorable daughter Vamika

7. What was your motivation behind participating in MomStar? Why did you feel you were the right choice to win?

Trust me, losing my husband is the only motivation behind this journey. I remember he was the only one who gave me the idea of writing and publishing books. He used to encourage me to engage in different activities such as painting and dancing. He left me with more strength and power which pushed me to do something different and live with confidence.

Participating in MomStar was something about which I came to know from social media and I felt like winning this would definitely change my life. Plus, it would give more exposure to moms and I can also get more reach on my journey as a content creator. I also feel that as a single mother, I can motivate every single parent who has suffered a lifetime loss like me. 

8. How does it feel to be a MomStar? Tell us about your efforts and challenges.

For me, participation was just an easy path but reaching the destination gave me immense pleasure. It was tough to compete against several super mums. But I still had confidence that I might be one of those mums who has the passion to get this tag of “MomStar”. I feel like I am on cloud 9 after a long time as it made me feel extra special to be recognised as a mother on such a great platform.

9. How did your family react when they found out you won?

It was really a happy moment for my family. I used to keep telling them how much I wanted to win and asked for their support. They were very happy that I made it to MomStar. 

10. Last year’s MomStar winner Banashree Gala got a lot of fame and continues to create engaging content. How do you think winning this title will change your life?

It will definitely change my life as this fame was much needed for me to grow as a content creator. I want to continue this journey. 

11. What are your professional plans now that you won MomStar?

I want to be the best influencer in the future by creating quality content so that I can fulfil my husband’s last wishes. He always wanted to spread the word of truth and humanity. I hope that I achieve more success with this win.

12. How do you think your win will positively affect your child’s outlook on life? 

My baby is too young right now to understand anything. But I will definitely let her know about this win once she grows up. I will surely let her know the doors of opportunities that open after becoming a MomStar. I hope till then I become one of the best influencers so that my baby agrees with what I say.

I want my daughter to be strong and brave. She has to be strong to face the ups and downs of life. The best part of my winning is that it has made me confident to move on happily in life with my daughter. I have also been clear about the truth that everyone has come alone and will go alone. So walk fearlessly and live the way you want. My daughter is smart like her father so I am sure I will let her know that after winning, I achieved something which I always wanted to.

Monika Vijay Verma sets an example of what a strong woman is and how she strives to be the best as a single mum and a content creator. We congratulate her on winning the title.











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