Mum Monalisha Anand Talks About Leading India’s Largest Mum Community Platform

Mum Monalisha Anand Talks About Leading India’s Largest Mum Community Platform

11 May 2022 | 5 min Read

Reema Shah

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Influencer mums today have become the face of many brands. They introduce new products in the market. The influencer community is highly sought after for the promotion of the brand’s offerings.

In a candid interview with BabyChakra, mum and Influencer Manager, Monalisha Anand, speaks about how she joined BabyChakra, her journey as an influencer mum, and how she manages her home along with a full-time job. 

1. Tell us about yourself.

I am an Influencer Manager by profession at BabyChakra. I am a mom to my six year old daughter, Aadya. I have always loved dancing and have an inclination toward creativity. 

You can also check my hobbies and my personal journey through my IG page called Mommy_aadya 🙂 I am from Delhi and shifted to Mumbai post my marriage.  It’s been almost more than 10 years being in Mumbai. So yes it’s kind of like I am hustling both between Delhi and Mumbai now 🙂

2. What inspired you to get into this industry and how was the journey in the beginning?

Honestly saying Naiyya has been my inspiration and my mentor since the time I joined BabyChakra. I actually came to know about Babychakra when I myself as a mommy influencer participated in the ‘Equal parenting’ campaign during Father’s Day. That’s when I got to know about the opening in the Marketing team and could not stop myself from trying my best to get into this team. 

I remember I read so much about Naiyya’s journey before applying at Babychakra and really got so inspired and felt like this would be my golden opportunity to work here. Since then Naiyya and the team have been the biggest supporters in achieving everything in this journey of 3 years so far.

3. How do you think the content creation (influencers) industry has evolved in the past five years? 

The influencer industry has evolved a lot in the last five years. Influencers are no longer a homogenous group of those with a humongous follower base. 

Their domain has expanded beyond content creation and now they are becoming a brand themselves. Influencer marketing plays a significant role and will continue to dominate digital marketing plans. 

4. How do you manage a job, content creation (Influencers) and your family?

My family has always been my priority and I have always loved my job. I am really blessed to have a family who has been supporting me in managing my job as well. My husband and I have always tried to maintain a balance in our work and personal life so that we are able to give enough time to our family.

5. How does your daughter inspire you?

My daughter Aadya is everything to me. She is our world. The moment I became pregnant I had no idea what changes I was going to experience physically and mentally. But the moment she was born I knew life would be different and good. She has been my inspiration every day in creating a better version of me. I am blessed to have my best friend forever.

6. How do you take care of your physical and mental health?

I indulge myself in activities which make me feel good in order to balance my physical and mental health like dancing, going out with my friends, exercising and other activities.

7. How was your pregnancy journey? Did you face any challenges?

My pregnancy journey was smooth. Blessed to say this journey of motherhood started smoothly for us.

8. Husbands play a crucial role in bringing up a child, what are your views on equal parenting? How has your hubby helped you co-parent?

The moment I got pregnant, we decided to be equal partners in everything. He has been supportive from day one when Aadya was born and till now we play equal roles. He always manages Aadya when I get stuck in the office and vice versa. 

9. How has being a working mum changed your relationship with your child and husband?

Being a working mum has not changed my relationship much with my child and husband. Rather this has made our relationship stronger as we have realised the importance of time with each other every day. 

So we make sure we give our full time when we are together by leaving our work aside. We try not to take up any work during weekends so that we can spend quality time together with our daughter.

10. What future do you envision for your daughter, especially since she is growing up in this digital age with an influencer mum?

Well this is a little tricky question to answer! But yes she is growing up watching me spend most of my time on Instagram or social media work wise or personally. There is no such pressure on her to be a part of any of my reels on social media. 

I have always tried to give her freedom for what she loves doing. She is not a very camera loving person, so I try to keep her away from social media. Rest I just want her to grow as an independent and strong woman who can lead her life the way she wants.  











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