Insider Club Mum Kavita Kataria Talks About Modern-Day Parenting

Insider Club Mum Kavita Kataria Talks About Modern-Day Parenting

13 Jul 2022 | 5 min Read

Sayani Basu

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It’s 2022 and like everything else, parenting style too has changed. Modern-day parenting has taken over and it’s all about balancing priorities, juggling responsibilities and quickly flipping between the needs of your children, other family members and yourself.

Mum Kavita Kataria, a member of the Insider Club talks about modern-day parenting. Mum to an adorable daughter, Myrah Singh, Kavita is a hands-on mum and here’s a peek at her views on modern-day parenting.

modern-day parenting
Kavita Kataria has an adorable daughter, Myrah Singh.

Mum Kavita Kataria On Modern-Day Parenting

Tell us something about yourself.

I am a PR professional and a mum blogger by passion. I was born and brought up in Delhi and currently living in Ahmedabad.

Pregnancy is a life-changing event. However, it has its challenges. Did you face any discomfort during your pregnancy?

My life went upside down during pregnancy. I experienced morning sickness for four months continuously. I couldn’t even digest water, let alone eat something. I had also lost 5 kg in the first four months of pregnancy. I was extremely weak and had to leave my job.

What items did you include in your pregnancy diet?

As I had lost weight in the first four months, I was advised by my doctor to gain weight in the latter part of the pregnancy.

I added healthy fat and high protein stuff like ghee, almond butter and protein powder after consulting with my doctor.

Today, doctors advise all pregnant mums to exercise regularly unless there are certain complications. Did you maintain a fitness routine throughout your journey?

Although I was advised to keep exercises on hold as I had lost weight, I feel that expecting mums should exercise regularly to stay healthy. Not only this, they should start light exercises after delivery too with the doctor’s advice. This will also help them deal with postpartum depression which is common in new mums.

In the later part of my pregnancy, I started squatting and kegel exercises after consulting my doctor to make my delivery smooth and easier.

Almost 20% of pregnant women complain of hip pain and back pain during pregnancy. Did you experience such pain?

Thankfully, I didn’t experience any such pain during pregnancy. But I know of women having severe back pain during pregnancy. I consider myself lucky enough.

Often mums say that life turns upside down after giving birth. How has your life changed after becoming a mother?

For me, life started to change during my pregnancy as I had to leave my job and I was not at all prepared for it. I had also experienced hair fall and body aches.

I had never thought that I would stay at home all day as I feel that it’s not productive for me. I could have utilised this time for something fruitful. I love to work and it was a tough time for me to accept such changes.

Raising kids is not everyone’s cup of tea. What’s your parenting style?

Honestly speaking, I don’t think there’s any sure-shot parenting style that you can follow. It’s a different journey for every mother and every kid. I just believe in raising a confident, well-informed and strong child. For that, I go with the 50:50 approach.

We need to make our kids understand our views. At the same time, kids should be given choices so that they can have their opinions too. 

We should not just keep imposing our thoughts on them. Instead, we should try to understand their point of view too and evolve with their thinking and time. No matter how small the kid is, they have their own set of emotions, wants and understanding.

Mum Kavita Kataria feels that kids should be given choices and that’s a part of the parenting process.

Children grow and change with each new stage of development. What are your views on modern-day parenting?

While dealing with our little ones, we learn something new every minute. Modern-day parenting is all about respecting their views, guiding them toward the right track and trying to understand their opinions and evolve accordingly.

How has your journey been with BabyChakra as an Insider Club mum?

The journey has been great! I am honoured to be a part of the Insider Club. Getting an opportunity to co-create products for the little ones and getting my opinion valued is something that I enjoy the most.

What according to you makes BabyChakra the one-stop destination for your baby’s products?

Well, the list is a bit long.

  • All their products are formulated with natural ingredients and are clinically proven. Even the packaging is finalised after the suggestions of mums.
  • There’s an array of products to choose from for your little one.
  • I am head over heels for the massage oil for babies
  • Lastly, the lip balm for both the mum and the baby is the best duo one can ever think of.

Kavita Kataria sums up on how modern-day parenting is all about respecting children’s views, guiding them toward the right track. It’s all about bringing about a change in the age-old authoritarian parenting style.











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