6 Must Haves For A New Baby Nursery

6 Must Haves For A New Baby Nursery

25 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read

Reema Shah

Author | 490 Articles

Planning a nursery is one important task that new mums and dads need to undertake with some proper planning. Besides nursery decor ideas, parents also need to see if they’ve got all the must-haves for a new baby nursery. So, create your baby nursery checklist in advance to avoid missing out on the basics. From cribs to curtains, we’ve curated a list of six nursery essentials. 

6 Items To Have In Your Baby Nursery Checklist

1. Baby Care Products

While you are planning on the furniture and aesthetics of your baby’s nursery, consider adding the most important baby care items too. Some essential items include diaper rash cream, baby shampoo, baby wash, mosquito repellent spray or mosquito repellent patches and after-bite roll-on

2. Crib and Crib Bedding

A crib is a nursery must-have and is an investment. You may look for versatile cribs that can even turn into a daybed or toddler bed so that your little one can use them in the future. Don’t forget to pick up a crib mattress that fits the crib right.

When it comes to picking crib bedding, avoid using crib bumpers to keep your baby safe. Go for minimalist bedding options so that your little one is comfortable.

baby nursery checklist
A crib must be added to the baby nursery checklist keeping in mind the safety of the baby rather than just the aesthetics / Credit – Pexels

3. Nursery Rug

Even before your baby starts to crawl, place a soft rug next to the crib where you can sit with your baby. Once, your baby starts to crawl, the rug is their safe playground. Go for anti-slip rugs so that both you and your baby are safe. 

4. Changing Table

A baby’s crib needs to be free of any products and other objects for the baby’s safety. That’s where a cabinet or a chest of drawers can come in handy for storage. Plus, a sturdy changing table provides the rest needed for all those diaper changes. Plus, with so many newborn supplies, a little extra storage is nothing but useful. 

nursery essentials list
Curtains that block the light from outside must be on the nursery essentials list as newborns sleep for at least fourteen hours / Credit – Canva

5. Blackout Curtains

Newborns need to sleep for anywhere between fourteen to seventeen hours so you got to be prepared as new parents. From keeping the room free of noises to dressing your baby appropriately, you also need to ensure that light does not enter the room and startle your little one as even the slightest bit can be distracting.

Thus, you need to pick black-out curtains that block any bit of the morning sunlight as well. Even the slightest sunlight can disturb your baby’s sleep and once they are awake early morning, it can be really challenging to get them back to sleep.

6. Swaddles

Swaddling helps an infant feel warm and secure and can help calm your baby. Plus, it can also prevent the startle reflex, which will avoid him or her from feeling startled and waking up in the middle of the night.

Some babies may not like to be swaddled initially, but when done properly they feel calmer and enjoy it. So get those swaddles for your baby’s nursery. While you are looking for the must-haves for a new baby nursery, also don’t forget to pick the basic skincare essentials for your baby. We wish you a fulfilling parenting journey.











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