My First Ultrasound

My First Ultrasound

27 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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One of the most memorable events in a woman’s life is her pregnancy and one of the most memorable parts of that are her ultrasounds. How do you forget the first time you get a glimpse of your baby; this new life that you have created and that’s going to be yours for the rest of your life?

My first ultrasound was overwhelming for me. I remember how nervous my husband and I were, before the appointment. What if something was wrong? What if it was our fault? What if there’s nothing we can do to fix it? These were the questions running through our minds as we clung to each other, waiting for the doctor to arrive.

I can still recall how surreal it felt when I saw that tiny blip on the screen, fluttering ever so slightly. I had my ultrasound done at 8 weeks from the time of conception, which is when a lot of mother’s choose to get theirs done. I cannot express how grateful we are that we got it done. While the ultrasound went on, the gynaecologist told us that our baby was not growing optimally and also explained what we had to do in order to fix it. It wasn’t a major issue but I can’t bear to think of the consequences, had we not gotten it done then.

Is it necessary? This may be a question on a lot of your minds. My experience should give you the answer, but there are a lot of other reasons to get an ultrasound done. For one you can come to a conclusion of how far along you are, and therefore, an appropriate due date. It detects the baby’s heartbeat in order to note any irregularities. It helps gauge the size of the baby and can tell you if you should expect more permanent guests than you expected. Ultrasounds help the doctor identify whether there are any abnormalities or whether the baby is growing healthily. It also identifies conditions within the womb which affect the growth of the baby.

One thing to keep in mind is that every pregnancy is different so there is no need to immediately worry if something isn’t going “normally”. However, the best course of action is to always consult your doctor and get regular scans and check ups. This is what we did and it went a long way in facilitating a smooth pregnancy.

If you’re having twins, keep in mind that fraternal twins may be fertilized at different times and on different days which would imply that growth and changes aren’t going to happen at the same time for both babies, and that’s okay.

The subsequent ultrasounds I had gone for, helped me get some perspective throughout my pregnancy. It gave me reassurance that I was doing all I could and it felt wonderful to be able to continually check up on and look at my little wonder who would soon join me in the outside world.











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