Mum Neha Soni Believes That Kids Should Be Encouraged To Explore

Mum Neha Soni Believes That Kids Should Be Encouraged To Explore

16 Jun 2022 | 5 min Read

Sayani Basu

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Parenting is the beginning of a new era. It seems like a grand adventure is about to begin. Every parent has a distinct set of emotions attached with this journey.

Mum to an adorable daughter Nysha Soni, and an insider club member of BabyChakra, Neha Soni shares her thoughts on parenting.

Neha Soni loves blogging and puts creative ideas into play.

Neha Soni Shares Her Roller Coaster Pregnancy Journey

Tell us something about yourself.

I have been an IT consultant in a MNC for the last 10 years. I started blogging when I was on my maternity leave during the pandemic and I still love doing it whenever I get time.

Every mum has her own distinct pregnancy journey. How was yours?

It was a roller coaster ride. The initial days were very hectic as I was living with my husband in Singapore and was away from my family.

I used to puke on my way to the office quite often but was really excited at the same time for the new beginning.

Has life changed after becoming a mother?

Yes for sure. When you become a mum, you have more responsibilities. Taking care of a baby is like a full-time role with no leaves and me-time.

Often, you forget to take care of yourself. But it gives you pleasure to have someone who loves you unconditionally, cuddles you, and depends on you for all their needs.

Neha is the mum to an adorable daughter who is two years old.

Was it difficult for you to balance work after giving birth?

It was not as difficult as I thought it would be. Due to the pandemic, I was working from home. It gave me more time to spend with my daughter.

I would also like to thank my family for helping me look after my daughter.

How has your journey been with BabyChakra as an Insider Club mum?

I am glad to be a part of the BabyChakra team. I have been an active member of BabyChakra ever since my daughter was born.

I was looking for skincare products for my daughter that are all formulated with certified organic ingredients and finally landed up in a place that quenched my thirst. It feels great to be heard in the BabyChakra’s insider club.

Being a part of many social campaigns, I have also invited many of my friends and colleagues to join their social app.

Did you know that BBC products are devoid of artificial fragrances, paraben, mineral oil and phenoxyethanol that are used in most baby products in the market? What are your thoughts on adding ‘all natural ingredients’ to products?

This is the reason I love BabyChakra, as my daughter’s personal care brand. As all their products are formulated from natural ingredients, I recommend these to my friends, colleagues and family members.

It is difficult to have products formulated from organic ingredients. But thanks to BabyChakra for making the magic happen.

What products did you help cocreate?

Helping the team to co-create products for babies is a different experience altogether.

I have helped co-create products like baby wash, massage oil, hair oil, and the talc-free baby powder.

Would you like to share any feedback on the BBC products?

BabyChakra’s products are always awesome and show promising results. It has always strived for the best when it comes to creating products from natural ingredients.

What I love the most is the fact that the dedicated team is always working on products in real-time based on the feedback shared by the mums of the insider club.

What’s your advice to mums about becoming Insider Club Moms, why should they?

Thanks to BabyChakra for providing a brilliant platform wherein mums get the opportunity to voice their opinions in curating a product.

Our suggestions are kept in mind while formulating the product. I think all mums should join the insider club to share their opinion and contribute to the great act of making products for the little ones.

Neha lets her daughter explore all her surroundings and wants her to be adventurous.

What are your thoughts on parenting young kids and what’s your ideal parenting style?

I am a new mum and my daughter is still two years old. I always let her explore. Be it trying new dishes and playing games, I let her take the initiative and explore. I absolutely want this habit to persist once she grows older.

What do you think about equal parenting?

Since both the parents are working and equally contributing to the incomes, they should also contribute equally in parenting. Plus, the journey becomes even more rewarding when both play an equal role.

It becomes stressful for the mum to perform all the household chores and handle kids at the same time. It makes life easier if their partners come a step forward and help each other to look after kids.

If you are also looking for your baby’s skincare products to be free from mineral oil, paraben, synthetic fragrance and other nasties, BabyChakra has it all! Download the BabyChakra App from PlayStore to shop your heart out for the little bundle of happiness at home!











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