New Research Now Know Why You Parent The Way You Do Xyz

New Research Now Know Why You Parent The Way You Do Xyz

20 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Parenting is one tough and tricky job. No two parents are same because no two circumstances are same. Every parent, be it a mother or father, try to do the best they can for their child to the best of their capabilities. Yet, there are often some similarities that can be found in parenting and the way every parent treats their child. The love of a mother for her child is boundless and she can show this love for her child in varied ways. But, like everything else, our parenting styles too get affected by society and the environment we live in.

For decades science has tried to understand human behaviour and human emotion and yet very little progress has been made. Yet, suddenly a breakthrough has emerged which is able to efficiently help us understand our own parental habits. This research has identified some of the common traits of every mother and we are going to share them with you.

1. The way you hold your baby

You might not have noticed this but most of the time you tend to hold your baby on your left hip instead of holding them from the front, on the right or even alternating between the sides. This is something which not just you but most of the other moms all over the world tend to do. And there is a scientific reason behind it. Since the left side of the brain sends the information to the right side to process. When mother’s hold their baby on the left side, they are able to interpret their moods and expressions in a better way.

2. Sudden OCD behaviour during pregnancy

It might have happened with you or might still be happening that you suddenly start obsessing about the minor and most insignificant of things during pregnancy like washing laundry every day, putting some more effort into getting the house cleaned etc. Though these are the things you end up laughing about later, there is a scientific reason to why this behaviour occurs. Known as nesting, this behaviour suddenly starts putting your brain into this hyperdrive mode where you have to control the environment in which your baby will be born.

3. Getting too homesick even at home

Another trait seen in pregnant women during the last trimester of the pregnancy is that all of a sudden they stop going out and just want to lie down cosily in their room or around the house. And no, this is not just because of the physical stress on your body. As per the research, it is actually a psychologically instinctive decision where the mother feels that home is the safest place for her and the unborn baby.











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