New Study Shows Moms Work Almost Ninety Eight 98 Hours A Week Xyz

New Study Shows Moms Work Almost Ninety Eight 98 Hours A Week Xyz

19 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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It’s the world’s worst kept secret – Being a mother is the one job that is not thanked, not valued and not given the respect it’s due. It’s basically unpaid labour that every mom is expected to do by virtue of being a mother. Whether you’re a working mom or someone who takes care of her home full-time, there’s always a sense of moms being being taken for granted.

Well, we’ve found some new information which tells us exactly how much moms work – 98 hours of work a week! That is insane.

In a study commissioned by Welch’s, adding up the time mothers spend on their paid jobs along with the jobs they do at home will put the average amount of work a mom does at 98 HOURS A WEEK! The only people that won’t find these results surprising are probably moms themselves. It is sure nice to see this being put into words and numbers, right?

Time Break-Up

The study looked at 2,000 mothers with school-aged kids, found astounding results that an average mother generally starts her day at 6:23am, and doesn’t finish her work at the end of the day until at least 8:31pm, which we know is sure to extend in today’s era. This means that moms work 14 hours in a day at the very least!

This also explains why moms are always saying they always have work to do. The fact that extensive research also shows that large number of mothers complain about sleep deprivation also justifies why so many moms complain about being tired all the time.

It Supports Old Research

In spite of more awareness being created about the fact that household chores and parenting work needs to be equally shared by both parents, the fact remains that women bear the brunt of most of the work – irrespective of whether moms have other paid jobs or not – a fact that has been proven by existing research.

While parents might often share their financial burden, the mental burden of the family is borne mostly by women – worrying about household supplies, worrying about the kids’ activities, remembering when bills need to be paid – and adds a lot to the stress and exhaustion.

Basically, women are working almost two full-time jobs, which shows how demanding, tiring and non-stop their day-to-day activities are.

We have a very high regard for moms – you are the real heroes of humanity, working constantly to make sure everyone around you is okay, but never being given enough credit for it! Thank you mommies, we would be nothing without you!











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