Omg My Babys Just Like Me Xyz

Omg My Babys Just Like Me Xyz

25 Apr 2022 | 2 min Read


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As the saying goes – The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. You and your child are more alike than you realize. Here are 5 such instances when you could see yourself in your child.

1. When your child talks

Your child will not only start imitating everything you do, but his/her vocabulary will be built based on the person s/he spends most of his time with – You. So, when you see him/her talk exactly like you do, or use the words that you use frequently, it’ll be like seeing a mini version of yourself walking around.

2. The way your child sleeps

If you have a strange sleeping habit, like covering every other part of your body with the blanket except your feet or the other way round (not judging, just saying!), you might see that your kid has inherited them too. Be careful if you used to be a kicker though, as you might find yourself being woken up with a kick to your face.

3. When your child acts like a mommy herself

If you’re the one that proportions food in your family and one day you find that your child is doing it too or you see your child strutting, casually ordering everyone in the family about what to do, then you know she’s on the right path. (Ahem, your path!)

4. When s/he does that thing with his/her face that you usually do

You know, we all have our quirks. That weird uncomfortable face you make when you hear the sound of screeching or the way you roll your eyes when you see someone you don’t like – yup, your son/daughter is doing it too.

5. ‘Arre, he looks just like you’ relative moment

Since the day your child was born, you’ve probably heard this a hundred times – ‘He looks exactly like you!’ Especially if a relative sees your child after a long time, they’re bound to compare the similarities between you two.

S/he would’ve got your nose or maybe your eyes, whatever it is, it’s a wonderful thing to see a part of yourself in your child.