Parenting Styles In India Xyz

Parenting Styles In India Xyz

20 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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India truly is an incredible country – so much diversity in a span of 3.2 million square kilometres. We have people who speak a lot of different languages and follow various religions. Even within our own little communities, we have our differences. Each household has a unique way of doing things. With so many traditions, customs and beliefs, we still come together and help each other out because that is what being an Indian is really all about.

The language of love, the sound of joyful laughter and the feeling of pride is universal. This is one thing that binds all humans together and it is why we love watching little children in their own world. They are so full of joy and pure love. The love we have for our children is the same no matter what language we speak or where we come from.

Following are the different kinds of parenting styles observed in India:

Strict mom and fun-loving dad

This is one of the most common scenarios. Children find that they can get almost get anything they want if they ask their dad but when it comes to mom, she only knows to say no and spoil all the fun. This is usually the case when dads hardly get time to spend with their child. So they spend the little time they have trying to please them. The strict moms may get to spend a bit more time with the child and may know something that the father does not. Perhaps the child misbehaved or did not finish their school homework and cannot go out to play until they have finished their work. The father may come home and immediately take the kid out to play.

Strict dad and easy-going mom

Kids often find that they can confide easily to their moms about anything they want and their moms would only give them advice. When it comes to telling their dad, however, they are a bit more careful. They only tell them selective details. This is because they fear that their father would scold or punish them for it. Common things they hide are poor grades at school or having eaten far too many chocolates.

Busy parents

In most households today, both the parents are working. They would then need to hire a nanny and a household help to look after the house and the baby. The baby may then get attached to the nanny rather than their parents if the parents don’t spend enough time with them. This can be avoided by trying to get back early from work to spend time with the kids. You should at least ensure that at breakfast and dinner time, everyone sits together at the table. After work, you could give them a bath and then put them to bed while telling them a story. Weekends should solely be reserved for spending time with the family.

Lenient but conservative parents

In some households, both parents are easy-going but they have certain reservations when it comes to matters concerning the safety of their children. This includes the kind of friends they make, the food they eat, and the places they go to with their friends. Parents should be willing to allow their kids to try out new food every now and then. As long as there is a valid reason for being reserved about something, it is alright.

Strict and conservative parents

There are a few parents who prefer to be coercive in making their kids do things like eating their vegetables or finishing all their homework before the weekend. Although there is no harm in these two examples, it is not alright to force your child into believing they have to join a certain class. If they have no interest in learning a particular instrument, let it go. They may have an interest in something else. Perhaps you are not willing to let them wear jeans or shorts out in public. But restricting your child from simply being themselves will not allow them to grow and be confident about themselves. Do keep this in mind when you deny them something that seems to make them happy.

There is no hard and fast rule to which parenting style is the best. We only want our children to be happy and grow up to be strong, independent people. A few tweaks in our parenting techniques may just be the way to set things straight. With the right combination of strictness and leniency, you may just figure out what works best for your child. Just do what you think is better for your child and they would be alright.











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