First 23 Days Post Birth: 5 Products Your Baby Needs

First 23 Days Post Birth: 5 Products Your Baby Needs

4 Jan 2023 | 4 min Read

Manisha Pradhan

Author | 251 Articles

Tender, loving care, mum’s cuddles, a baby-safe home, a safe room, a comfortable cradle, mother’s milk, clothes to keep them warm, diapers etc. are some of the basic things that your baby needs 23 days post-birth. But there are some other essential post-birth products your baby needs as well.

These products ensure that your baby stays healthy, and clean, and is safe from disease-causing germs and bacteria. Check out the list we have put together for the first 23 days post birth products your baby needs. 

Products Your Baby Needs Post Birth

1. Diaper Essentials

While all new parents are aware that babies need several diaper changes every day because in the initial few months after birth, all babies do is eat, sleep, poop and repeat! Most new parents are prepared with packs of diapers for their newborn. There are other diaper essentials that a baby needs as well:

  • Natural Baby Wipes: A baby needs to be cleaned after every diaper change and natural baby wipes make life easier for parents. Wipes are not only convenient to use and can be used while on the move if you are travelling with your infant, but are also gentle on the baby’s soft, tender skin. 
  • Natural Diaper Rash Cream: Diaper rash cream helps soothe, prevent and treat diaper rash. Since babies wear diapers and soil them often in the first few weeks after birth, it’s important to protect their tender skin with a natural diaper rash cream after every diaper change. 

2. Skincare Essentials

‘Baby skin’ is often a myth because contrary to what people believe, even though babies have very soft skin, their skin is most prone to all types of rashes and even dryness. Protecting your baby’s skin, especially in the first 23 days post-birth is most important as their skin is still developing and getting used to the harsh environment outside your womb. Babies need a proper skincare routine. They need:

  • Natural Baby Cream Or Lotion: Most babies have dry skin and some of them are prone to skin issues like eczema and baby acne. A natural baby cream or lotion moisturises their skin and prevents dryness, and also soothes itchy skin. 

3. Massage Essentials

One of the most important things to do post-birth for a baby is to give them a gentle massage daily. Massaging babies benefit them both physically and mentally. They need:

  • Natural Baby Massage Oil: A regular massage with a natural baby massage oil helps relax, nourish, and strengthen your baby’s muscles and bones and muscles. 
  • Natural Baby Hair Oil: Massaging the baby’s hair with a natural baby hair oil that contains natural products like amla, avocado, and argan oil keeps the cradle cap away and also promotes blood circulation and healthy hair growth.

4. Bath Essentials

A newborn needs at least 3 baths a week to keep them clean especially during summer and needs to be bathed once a week during winter months. It’s not advisable to use baby soaps some of which contain harmful chemicals and toxins. For a baby’s bath they will need:

  • Natural Baby Wash: Natural baby washes are gentle on the baby’s skin and are also tear-free. Using one that has coconut-based cleansers and natural oils reduces inflammation and also soothes their skin. 
  • Natural Baby Shampoo: A good natural baby shampoo is usually enriched with vitamins as they help hair retain its moisture, and also promote hair growth.

5. Hygiene Essentials

A baby’s intimate area needs to be kept clean and dry, their intimate hygiene is as important as it is for adults. Since babies are in diapers most of the time till they are potty trained, you need to make sure that their intimate area is cleaned daily even if you do not bathe them daily. Use:

  • Natural Baby Bottom Wash: A natural baby wash is a perfect solution for your baby’s intimate hygiene. Use one that is made of plant-based cleansers as it is gentle and great for a baby’s sensitive skin.