9 Potty Training Games For Toddlers To Try At Home

9 Potty Training Games For Toddlers To Try At Home

23 Sep 2022 | 4 min Read

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Potty training is a challenging task and it can get overwhelming for both the parent and the child while going through this process. There may be some success, some setbacks and a lot of accidents along the way as well. Hence, with a positive attitude and some fun potty training games, the learning process can be fun for you and your child. Read on for some fun potty games.

9 Potty Training Games To Train Your Child

1. Keep a Record

Children need to understand that going to the potty is a normal thing to do. So to help with this, you can create a chart that includes the names of all the family members on it, including the pets. You can ask your child to record every time someone goes to the potty which will help him/her soon learn that everyone does it.

2. Potty Magic

Add a little blue food colouring to the water in your child’s potty and watch your child notice the water turn green after yellow pee is added to it. You can also use potty training stickers that are blank when dry but show the image of a butterfly, flower and others when your little one pees on it. These are some exciting baby potty training games that will grab your little one’s interest in using the bathroom.

3. Explore the Bathroom

Make a game for exploring the bathroom and talk to your child about what certain things in the bathroom are for. You can even let your child come to the bathroom with you and watch how things work. Once your child gets more familiar with the objects and their names, you can always make them assist you by asking for simple things. It can be you asking for some toilet paper or helping you to flush the pot.

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There are tons of potty training games that help your child get into the habit of going to the potty independently / Image Credit – Romper

4. Race for Potty Training

Place your child’s potty chair in a room which is easily accessible. Then show it to your child and say “potty time!” and you both need to race to the potty chair. The simple rule is that whoever sits down first will be declared the winner. You can make this potty game more interesting by moving the potty chair to different rooms. You can also encourage your child to beat her previous timing to make it more competitive.

5. Potty Scavenger Hunt

Children will enjoy playing potty scavenger hunt as they are curious. In this potty training game, your child will need to seek out the potty-related objects that you have hidden around the house. Once your child finds all the items, explain what they are for. Telling your child what the things he/she found are used for will also make him/her more interested.

6. Which is Faster

While changing your child’s diaper, set a timer on your phone and talk to him/her about how long it will take to change the diaper and how messy it can get. Once you change your child into pull-up diapers, you can ask him/her if she wants to play “Time to Potty”. This game will let your child see that going potty in the potty chair with the new pull-up pants is faster and cleaner than going potty in her diapers.

7. Sing a Song

The transition to shift from soft and comfortable diapers to cold and hard potty is not easy for a child. You can make this transition more relaxed and fun by making up a song about it. The song can describe the role of food once it goes in from the mouth and what happens to it on its way down until it comes out as a potty.

8. Blow the Bubbles

When your child sits on the potty first, it is not going to be comfortable. Kids normally don’t sit still as they get easily distracted. You can hand your child a bottle of bubbles and allow him/her to blow some bubbles to pass the time. Blowing bubbles helps to stimulate the abdominal muscles that are also used to help push when taking a poop.

9. Forget The Nappy

Children can get comfortable with their nappies, however, they can hold onto them forever. Get your child used to the idea of discarding his/her nappies by placing a basket in the living room and asking your child to throw in as many diapers as they can. Reward them with something they like when they do that.

Try these fun potty training games with your toddler and make the process easier.

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