Pregnancy 101 How To Quickly Recover From A C Section

Pregnancy 101 How To Quickly Recover From A C Section

20 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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The phase of pregnancy is truly a beautiful one. New moms feeling euphoric and pumped up for their wait is finally over! After nine long months, you finally get to see the little bundle of joy, that was once growing inside you, as a part of you. The process of birthing is rather difficult and painful, and it can alter your physical appearance. Since the best things in life come at a cost, the birth of your baby also leads to certain changes in your lifestyle and bodily functions.

There are many ways to give birth, out of which the C-section method can be slightly monotonous. It is so because it uses surgical methods to bring your baby into the world. Since an incision is made in your abdominal region, it requires few months to make a full recovery. A lot of postpartum issues such as mood swings, vaginal discharge and swollen breasts are also observed.

A typical C-section patient is advised to stay in the hospital for at least two to three days before going home with the baby. Although it is all very exciting to begin your new life with your newborn, it is essential that you know how to effectively take care of yourself before you begin caring for your baby.

There are namely three phases for the c-section scar recovery:

– The inflammatory stage, which typically lasts for a week.

– The proliferation stage, which occurs during the first three months after childbirth.

– The remodelling stage, which goes on for a complete year. This phase lets you recover and come to terms with the fact that you had a surgery. Generally, this phase lets you accept your scar and march on with pride.

Although this process isn’t easy, you could use products or medicines to help you cope with your operation.

Here are few ways you could try to heal from a c-section delivery:

1. Get Some Rest

Allow your body to relax as it has undergone a major surgery. A six-week time frame is required to ease your pain. You might find it quite difficult to adapt to the new routine, where your baby demands attention. So, crawling into bed anytime is not possible. However, when they say, “sleep when the baby does”, they’re right. Get help from family or friends for doing household chores while managing your baby. That way, you won’t ever tire yourself too much.

2. Pamper Yourself

Well, you deserve it that’s why! Apart from that, avoid lifting heavy objects other than your baby because you will get tired. Forget about moving around too much. Instead of taking the stairs, choose an elevator.

Pro-tip: Hold your belly where the incision has taken place and only then sneeze or a cough. It will hurt you less.

3. Ease Your Sex Life

Refrain from indulging in any sexual activities or even using a tampon during your period because your body isn’t ready to undergo so much strain.

4. Eat Right

Just because you’ve become a mom, does not mean you should neglect your health. If your baby is still in the breastfeeding stage, you need to begin consuming different food varieties because your baby is dependent on you for nourishment. Also, consume more fluids during this period.

It is scientifically proven that different veggies during the phase of breastfeeding impart flavours in the milk. It encourages the baby to drink more milk and soon the baby becomes conditioned to its taste.

Never compare yourself with any other woman who too had to undergo C-section. Each body has different ways to cope with and react to the surgery. Focus on your body to heal faster.

5. Scar Massage

The postpartum blues can be shunned away with this technique. Gently massage the area that had an incision, with herbal oil and stretch removing creams. It helps you regain sensitivity in the areas that went numb and it prevents any adhesions from being formed.

6. Combat Constipation

Eating food rich in fiber and drinking enough water can help soften your stools. Try to use toilet stools because they will help you ease your bowel movements.