Pregnancy Diet Chart 2Nd Trimester

Pregnancy Diet Chart 2Nd Trimester

25 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Pregnancy in its second trimester can be described more as a happy phase since the mother-to-be has successfully crossed the critical miscarriage-prone first trimester. In general also this period can also be called as a “honey-moon period of pregnancy” when it comes to pregnancy diet, since the initial nausea-ridden tiring first trimester has ended and expectant moms can also eat well without being fussy about smells, tastes etc., unlike earlier.

Developments during the Second Trimester

It is good to be informative about the month-wise developments of your soon-to-be born baby so that your diet can be regulated into a well-balanced one accordingly.

Fourth month:

Finger and toe nails grow longer, baby has started to suck its thumb. Placenta is well-developed now and the baby pees almost every hour! Mothers will slowly start experiencing its movements too and the baby is about eight inches in length.

Fifth month:

Eyebrows develop and hearing is stronger now and baby tends to move or rather swim around quite a lot in the amniotic fluid. Fine hair (Lanugo) starts to appear all over the baby’s body along with a creamy white substance (Vernix) clinging onto it. Now the baby gradually shifts to the birth position or head-down position.

Sixth month:

Baby can now distinguish between brightness and darkness inside the womb. It can open its eyes and the hand co-ordination increases coupled with frequent thumb movement against other fingers. Baby gains significant weight.

Diet during the Second Trimester

1. Constant medical checks and follow-ups coupled with advice should not be ignored at any stage. Prescription supplements should be consumed along with daily meal intake as per gynaecologist’s advice. Now is the chance for moms-to-be to be indulge to their heart’s content!

2. Most expectant mothers find it easier to follow a daily charted-course of meal plan. Still the mantra continues to be smaller and fuller well-balanced meals. Remember to indulge and not to binge on your food choices. It is best to avoid eating outside and stick to home-cooked meals during the entire pregnancy cycle. However if you have to really give in to your cravings then go ahead and try out in a really hygienic eatery. It is not the cost that is priority here but your health is and in turn that of the child growing inside you.

3. Take the help of internet and swim through the endless recipes available at your disposal if you are tired of the usual dal-tadka, roti-sabzi fare. Indian cuisine has gone globally and keeps throwing up innovative surprises. A regular upma becomes an oats upma or say a simple plain dosa takes up some hundred different avatars! The options are too many.

4. Your diet should consist of Vitamin D, calcium and magnesium in plenty to aid for growth of strong bones and teeth. Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids should all be present in your diet. For a healthy brain development, omega 3 fatty acids prove to be beneficial.

5. Go ahead and include lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet like cabbage, green peas, beans, avocado and more. Use always well-pasteurized dairy products and exercise extreme care and caution while using non-vegetarian foods. They should be cleaned thoroughly before use and cooked well.

6. Follow up for medical advice in case of experiencing any abnormal reactions after consuming any meat products or sea food since they may be some allergic triggers which need to be treated. Always eat fresh and it is way better than preserved and processed food.

7. Rely heavily on natural water for fluid intake and avoid caffeine as much as possible.

8. Comfort foods like chocolates, ice creams, spicy stuff are fine to go for once in awhile but don’t make it a regular deal. Speak with your doctor who can help you to come with an age and weight appropriate meal plan to satisfy your diet during breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, for-noon snack, evening-snack, dinner and more.

9. Grab a fruit or an energy bar to handle your mid-night cravings.

10. Light exercising will help along with a nutritious food intake and yoga or Lamaze classes will be a good choice to go for.

Most importantly, stay calm and happy always. Pregnancy weight is healthy weight so feel beautiful about yourself. Welcome each day with a smile, for you are creating something truly beautiful.

Moms-to-be go ahead and enjoy this phase!











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