Pregnancy Diet Plan Top 10 Foods For Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy Diet Plan Top 10 Foods For Healthy Pregnancy

27 May 2022 | 5 min Read


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What do you eat when you’re eating for two? Pregnancy is one of those times when you live to eat; When gobbling up that sizzling brownie with ice cream is not criminal. But what are the definite do’s of pregnancy, food wise? Well I’m here to tell you just that, things to be eaten with top notch priority when there’s a bun in your oven!

1. Eggs by the dozen

Eggs, the underappreciated super heroes of the food world. Not only are they available, versatile and cheap, they are also numero uno in terms of protein. Your ever so beautiful child is just a bunch of protein cells to start with, and he can gain a world of good from you binging on eggies.

Eggs are loaded with vitamins and if that’s not reason enough, the abundance of choline will do it for you. Choline is a miracle worker and an absolute necessity for a pregnant woman as it aids your child’s growth and development.

If you are bothered with cholesterol, egg whites is the way to go. Eggs are not Evil mums, give it a shot for your little one.

2. Salmon for the Soul

Fishes are big on methylmercury, harmful to a developing fetus, but not this beautiful fish. Salmon is a star, with little to no methylmercury, and tons of protein, it is an absolute must- eat for an expecting mother.

Give your pregnancy a kick of nutrition with Salmon but remember 12 ounces a week, that’s it. Any more will put you at the risk of ingesting too much mercury.

3. Beans for your Bun

The kinds of beans are just as endless as the benefits of consuming them. They come in all shapes and sizes and head the department of proteins when it comes to veggies. Pregnancy is the time for proteins and beans should never fall behind in your diet for that one reason.

What’s more? They are rich in fiber and that alleviates your constipation issues and risk of hemorrhoids during the later stages of your pregnancy. Let Rajma reign supreme!

4. Sweet Potatoes make for Sweetness

Orange and oddly shaped, don’t judge a book by its cover! Sweet Potatoes are a storehouse of carotenoids that are converted to Vitamin A, once in our bodies. They happen to also contain, folates, fiber and vitamin C. What more could you possibly ask of a foodstuff?

Pregnancy and potatoes should be synonymous, if a healthy and happy baby is your goal.

5. Grains are Good

Stocked with Selenium and vitamin E, anything from rice to quinoa qualifies as a grain. While not a joy to eat, it does happen to be easy to make. Oatmeal, Barley and Quinoa make the top 3 in terms of their nutrient quotient and should be consumed by you, if you’re expecting; Put aside the gag reflexes that are brought on at the thought of quinoa!

Think about that little person inside you that can take all the nutrition he gets, take one for the team mommy!

6. Walnuts are for Winners

They take the shape of a brain and oddly enough are superfoods of the brain. Omega-3 rich walnuts should be a staple for pregnant women. Get creative with ways to consume walnuts, as something to munch on or a topping for a salad; It’s incentives are innumerable as walnuts also contain protein and fiber as any mummy worthy foodstuff should.

Eating these funny, brain resembling little things will do your little one a world of good.

7. Yogurt for You

Substitute regular yogurt for the Greek kind, the healthier alternative. It abounds in protein and is a viable source of calcium, both of which are pregnancy fundamentals. What’s more? They come in diverse flavors to satiate those cravings.

From vanilla to grape, Greek yogurt is sure to make a change!

8. Green is Gold

So, green vegetables, not a lot to sell when it comes to why they’re healthy. You already know, the greener something is, the better it is for your health; This is the golden rule of the Gods. Vitamin A, C, K and the pregnancy prerequisite, folate, present themselves in enormous amounts in leafy vegetables and hence, they can’t be overlooked.

So shall it be known, Kale and Karela are gruesome but good.

9. Lean, Mean, Meat Machine!

Lean meats, the meat with its fat trimmed off is the finest source of protein and should be administered to an expecting mum, on the regular. Beef and Pork contain choline as well, which is all the more reason to indulge yourself in succulent cuts of meat, dear mummy.

Roast or bake or pan-fry, lean meats should be on the agenda tonight!

10. Color is the Key

Stack up on foodstuff of different colors, red, purple, yellow; They happen to be, a sight for sore eyes and also, this way you can be rest assured your baby gets nourishment from all food groups.

Live to eat mummy, pregnancy is an all access pass to any and all food, make the most of it!











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