Pregnancy Exercises Safe Pregnancy Workouts Guidelines For Normal Delivery

Pregnancy Exercises Safe Pregnancy Workouts Guidelines For Normal Delivery

27 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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One word, Yoga. All that you will need is yoga. Pregnancy is when you engage yourself in all things healthy. This is where fitness counts ladies, when you’re faced with labor and what’s a more relaxing way to go about it, than yoga? So buckle up and give it a try!

The postures and practices of yoga will instill flexibility and calm. Just 30 minutes everyday of your pregnancy is enough to facilitate an enriched pregnancy experience and endow you with a heightened sense of your body. Pregnant women who practice yoga are known to undergo a pleasant if not completely painless delivery.

It is advisable to get a yoga mat for more ease. Wear comfortable clothes and keep a clear head when you begin or all your efforts won’t come to fruition. Another thing to keep in mind before giving yoga, a green light is that yoga isn’t about pushing yourself but about doing the best you can. It might take some time before your pregnant body is fluid enough to carry out the positions and postures, so be patient with yourself.

Yoga Poses To Administer While Pregnant:

1. Vakrasana (The twisted pose)

Sit down with your legs stretched out in front of you and parallel to each other. Turn just your upper body to one side, arms outstretched and alongside each other, one touching the floor and the other on your thigh. Revel in the stretch and allow yourself to relax.

2. Utakasana (The chair pose)

Mock the body’s posture when it is seated on a chair but in mid air this time. Outstretch your arms above your head and join them, the tips of your fingers, as far away from the top of your head as you can manage. Relax and hold the pose.

3. Hasta Padangusthasana (Hand to toe pose)

Stand up straight with your back erect. Raise one of your legs, slowly and comfortably, to your side. Wait and hold that pose. Now, slowly raise your hand and touch your big toe with the tips of your fingers. Right hands while the right leg is raised and left hand while the left leg is. At first, this may seem like an impossible feat but slowly as you practice it regularly, it will seem like a walk in the park for you.

4. Parvatasana (The mountain pose)

One of the best poses for pregnant women, simple and easy to execute. Sit down with your legs intertwined, back erect. Raise your arms and join them above your head. Make sure your elbows are straight and in line with each other and your forearms touch your earlobes. Enjoy the stretch.

5. Yastikasana (The stick pose)

Lie down on your back, arms and legs outstretched and parallel to each other. Now, place your hands on the ground, above your head and join them. Join your legs together as well and revel in the relaxation. Hold the pose for as long as you can.

It is always a good idea to hire a yoga instructor while pregnant. Doing yoga in the open instead of behind closed doors like it was meant to be done, can augment your experience, further.

Other exercises to take on when pregnant could be swimming which is absolutely safe and can be done right up to the birth of your child. Swimming has an unwinding effect on your body. Even just floating around in the pool and can relieve you of the stresses and worries of everyday.

Your pregnancy is an all access pass to a healthy life and that’s exactly what’s to be made of it. Physical activity is a thing of beauty and alleviates all hells that befall you, pregnant or otherwise. Continue your exercise regime well into pregnancy and even after, and expect not only an enriched pregnancy but an embellished life.

Happy Pregnancy!











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