Here’s The Missing Link To Your Pregnancy Skincare Routine

Here’s The Missing Link To Your Pregnancy Skincare Routine

1 Dec 2022 | 5 min Read

Sudeshna Chakravarti

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Whether you take a minimal approach toward your beauty routine or employ almost all kinds of skincare advice that you get your hands on, one thing remains universal: We all want to know the best skincare practices for a healthy, radiant, and glowing complexion. But when you are pregnant, achieving smooth and even-toned skin can feel challenging, even after slathering the necessary skincare actives and serums. 

While your hormonal imbalances are to be blamed for your inflamed and irritated skin during pregnancy, some of your skincare practices could also harm your complexion and cause issues like acne, hyperpigmentation, and irritation. So what exactly is missing in your pregnancy skincare routine? We help you establish the missing link (aka skincare mistakes you’ve been making) to achieving flawless skin and also recommend pregnancy-safe skincare products that can nourish your complexion and bring back glow.

5 Ways to Enhance Your Pregnancy Skincare Routine

5 Ways to Enhance Your Pregnancy Skincare Routine
Common skincare mistakes might damage your complexion and even strip off your natural glow / Image credit: Freepik

Do Not Skip Sunscreen

Even if it’s cloudy or chilly outside, you cannot skip sunscreen. In fact, this skincare product is an absolute must all year round, and it should be a part of your morning skincare routine without fail. Stick to using sunscreen containing anti-inflammatory and barrier-repairing ingredients. For instance, you can go for The Moms Co.’s natural daily sunscreen, which contains a blend of protective ingredients like zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and licorice extracts that offer a broad spectrum coverage against UVA and UVB rays.

The sunscreen also contains calendula and chamomile extracts, which fight pigmentation and reduce dark spots and redness, while keeping your skin nourished and smooth. 

Pay Attention to Your Moisture Barrier

Your skin’s moisture barrier plays a crucial role in keeping your complexion protected against environmental stressors, harsh chemicals, and pollutants. It also pushes out dead skin layers from your skin’s outermost surface and creates its own moisture to keep your complexion nourished and soft. However, with increasing age, these moisture-producing cells diminish, causing cracks to occur in your skin’s surface, and giving rise to many skincare woes, including dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation.

One way to strengthen and rebuild your skin barrier is by adding ceramide-enriched products to your skincare routine. Opt for The Moms Co.’s natural ceramide face serum containing a blend of skin revitalising ingredients like ceramides, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and natural vitamin E, which work to repair your moisture barrier and fill in the cracks to ensure a nourished and even-toned complexion. In addition to these skincare actives, the serum also contains rice water that improves skin elasticity and maintains moisture balance, keeping your complexion youthful and plump. 

Use Products that Stimulate Your Blood Flow

Use Products that Stimulate Your Blood Flow
Skincare actives like Korean ginseng help improve blood flow to your capillaries and promote glow / Image credit: Freepik

If you are experiencing acne, inflammation, and skin irritation even after following the best skincare practices, then you should focus on stimulating your blood circulation to enhance your skin health and radiance. Use ingredients that improve blood flow and target your skin concerns from within. For instance, Korean ginseng, when applied topically can help boost blood flow in your capillaries to promote a healthy, firm, and glowing-from-within visage.

You can consider adding The Moms Co.’s natural 10% vitamin C face serum which contains an antioxidant-rich formulation including Korean ginseng, vitamin C, ferulic acid, and squalane that improves your blood circulation, fights free radical damage, and enhances glow from within. The serum also helps boost skin cell turnover and reduces hyperpigmentation spots and dullness.

Use Targeted Exfoliators

Popular exfoliators such as AHAs help remove dead skin cells that cause dullness and clog pores to reveal a radiant and more even-toned complexion. Opt for an AHA-enriched daily toner, such as The Moms Co.’s natural vitamin C face toner, which is formulated with five plant-based AHAs, niacinamide, aloe vera, and witch hazel that gently smoothen your complexion, balance out the pH level, and hide the appearance of pores. The toner also contains green tea, which fights acne-causing bacteria and keeps breakouts at bay. 

Layer Your Skincare Products Correctly

While you may have a well-sought-after and targeted pregnancy skincare routine in place, applying the products in an incorrect order might not do any good to your complexion. That’s why when it comes to skincare steps, you must follow the golden rule of thumb—layering the skincare products from the thinnest to the thickest consistency. 

This means you need to start with cleansing your skin with a face wash, exfoliating to remove dead skin cells (twice or thrice a week), applying toner, layer in your serum and eye cream, and then locking in all of the goodness with a moisturiser. Following this order will help your skin absorb each product efficiently and give the best results. 

Incorporate these steps into your pregnancy skincare routine to get rid of your skin woes and embrace a more healthy and radiant complexion. Remember, you need to follow the correct skincare order to get the best benefits from your skincare products and apply skincare actives regularly to maintain a balanced and even-toned complexion. 

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