Real Secrets Of Motherhood That No One Talks About Xyz

Real Secrets Of Motherhood That No One Talks About Xyz

20 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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Motherhood is a sacred bond between the mother and child. It is the purest form of love; making a mother feel and share feelings that never existed before. It is a bond not bound by expectations, a mother is an ultimate source of giving without wanting anything in return.

BUT motherhood is not only about loving and gazing at the bundle of joy in your arms, all day long. It is not at all like what is depicted in the TV commercials. Motherhood is as much of a job as it is a bond. A tiresome, 24×7 job without any incentives. Let’s have a look at what motherhood actually looks like.

1. Sleepless Nights

Forget all the good sleep and the 10 hours long nap you used to have. Now you can only go to bed after you have put the baby to sleep. Even then, you will have to keep a check every now and then to make sure everything is okay. And may God help you if the baby wakes up and starts crying in the dead hours of the night. So say goodbye to the sweet dreams and embrace insomnia with open arms

2. Always tired

Deprived of much precious and absolutely necessary sleep, you are going to wake up tiresome. But brace yourself, you are not going to get your well-deserved rest. Instead, you will be toiling all day making food for the baby, feeding it, bathing, changing diapers, playing with the baby, etcetera, and not to mention taking care of yourself as well.

3. Dishes and Laundry

As long as the babies do not grow up enough to use the washroom by themselves, there will always be a humongous load of laundry intimidating you to be washed. The same is the case with the dishes. A huge pile of dishes can always be seen on the sink collected by the constant and regular feeding of the baby.

4. Change in Physical Appearances

Post-pregnancy weight gain can cause some insecurities for you. Changes will be drastic and you may not like them but they are necessary to support the needs of the baby and yourself. You might also notice some changes on your face like a spot or a wrinkle here and there which may make you look older but the maternal glow on your face is worth all of it.

5. Emotional Breakdowns

Being constantly tired and sleep deprived will eventually take a toll on your mental health. You will stay confused most of the time. You might grow irritated and angry but you will not be able to comprehend the reason behind it. And quite frequently you will see yourself having massive emotional breakdowns and crying for no reason.

6. Aftermath

Motherhood is a lifelong job. You cannot expect to retire when your baby grows up and can take care of itself. Firstly, you will have to help them with their homework from school and attend Parent-Teacher Meetings. Even after school, when they are all grown big, they will still need you every now and then for their little troubles and you will have to be there for them, always.

The points mentioned above are not to scare an expecting mother, but they are supposed to prepare the mother to be the warrior that she needs to be in order to take the best care of her baby and herself. Motherhood is the most joyous and the best thing that can happen in a woman’s life. And no matter, how old the child grows, the bond that is formed at the birth of the child is the strongest of all bonds in the world and is almost unbreakable. A child, whenever in trouble, will always look up to the mother for the solution, and a mother will, forever, be the guiding light of the child.











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