Mum Sandhya Chopra Shows Us How Dreams Can Come True

Mum Sandhya Chopra Shows Us How Dreams Can Come True

29 Jun 2022 | 7 min Read

Reema Shah

Author | 500 Articles

Mum Sandhya Chopra, a passionate pianist, and mum to two talented kids is all about positivity. She believes that implementing two very important words; muskurana (smile) and shukurana (thankful) in our lives can change our lives for the better!

In a candid interview with BabyChakra, she shares how she changed her dreams into reality only because she was passionate about what she did.

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I have been a music lover since my childhood and now I’m a passionate pianist. I have been trying to spread positivity, joy and happiness to all those around me through my musical notes! I believe sharing is caring and what could be better than music which is a universal language!

I’m a mum of two kids – Shiv and Saisha. My son is 15 years old and my daughter Saisha is 5 years old.
The two words that changed my life are muskurana and shukurana. Implementing the meaning of these words will surely change your life too. 

I’m happily playing all the multiple roles in my beautiful journey called life. I am a daughter, a wife, a mum, a teacher, an entrepreneur and above all – I am being me and value myself! 

2. What motivated you to do what you’re doing and how did it start?

During the lockdown, my casual posts of playing the piano only featuring my hands on the keys, garnered a lot of appreciation. Soon after, I was encouraged by everyone around to share videos which showed me playing the piano and as they say – there was no turning back!

3. How did your kids join you in making the videos? How old were they when they joined you in your musical journey?

After sharing two videos online, I asked my son to join wherein I would play the piano and he would perform on the drums creating an interesting ‘jugalbandi’. Little did we expect the terrific response we would get! Soon people started requesting dedications and special numbers which we took up joyfully. My daughter who is three wanted to join the fun too and became our compere.

My son was twelve years old and my daughter was two years old. So in my videos I was dealing with two age groups – my daughter was a toddler and my son was in his early teens. The best part about the age difference between them was how music helped to create a special bond. Since then, we have created so many special memories for life .

3. What prompted you to post your piano videos on social media?

When I saw that my posts were doing good online during the lockdown, I decided to post something too and uploaded my piano episodes. My passion for music and dedication to this art has been a source of inspiration during the pandemic. My music videos have been featured by The Suburb Live , Literary Mirror magazine, Aspiring She Magazine, Miss Malini, Momspresso, All Indian Women Music Festival, Rang Foundation, Mompreneur Circle, Official Humans of Delhi, One Beat, Music Online, World of Kidz and many other prestigious platforms.

These are very informal and warm performances which form a very good connection with the audience as I am interacting and talking during the breaks with them. These videos are all captured by my husband in our own home and there is no studio feel to it.

Everyone has been very generous with their appreciation. It has also become a great bonding activity for the whole family as well. Hence, I call them ‘videos of joy’ and we have been fortunate to share more than 40 videos of joy to date. 

content creator Sandhya Chopra
Sandhya Chopra with her talented five-year-old daughter Saisha who dances to Sandhya’s piano tunes while her son plays the drum

4. At what age can kids start learning the piano?

Kids can begin learning the piano once they start recognising the alphabet.

5. How much time do you put in each day to create the videos?

I share new videos once every 10 days on an average along with sharing videos on all festivals too. 

6. How do you balance your work, kids and home?

Everything gets balanced if you are passionate about your work and enjoy it. That’s how I’m able to juggle between my personal life and professional life.

7. Would you recommend being an online content creator as a career option, especially for young moms? What’s your advice to those who might be considering it?

This is a great opportunity for all moms to inspire, share and grow. Mums can create and share videos at their convenience and get a flexible time. Thus managing kids and home along with it is easier for me.

Sandhya Chopra’s husband is very supportive and they both play equal roles in raising their two children

8. Husbands play a crucial role in bringing up a child, what are your views on equal parenting? How has your hubby helped you co-parent and is he also involved when you make these videos?

Equal parenting is the need of the hour. In today’s times both the mum and dad have to share the responsibilities of the kids. From waking up the kids, dropping them to school, spending quality time with the kids, playtime and storytelling, we both manage it together. I and my husband also manage our kids’ inquisitive nature and focus on inculcating the right values. 

My hubby is our videographer and our inspiration behind these videos. He showers a lot of creativity in the videos that we make.  

9. Do you think music benefits children’s mental health? How?

Music touches one’s soul and gives wings to your mind. It is a man’s best friend. Music did help my kids during the peak lockdown to keep going on. When the whole world was at a standstill, music helped us to heal the world with our tunes. Sharing videos of the musical joy to uplift and motivate us and everyone along with us has felt truly rewarding.

10. What are some of your best musical performances and key moments related to it?

I have been fortunate to give some of the most interactive and warm performances along with various live sessions like Gurgaon Moms, Aspring She, Momz of India (MOI) and many more. 

I have also been a voice of inspiration for esteemed platforms like IBM India, Make My Trip and more. I have also done promotional campaigns for brands like Dyson, Plum cosmetics, Veet, Aashirvaad Aata and many more.

power of music
Pianist and mum Sandhya Chopra has won many awards and has been recognised by some of the most prestigious brands and companies

11. How has music helped you achieve your dreams?

Dreams do come true as during this lockdown I also became the Top 5 winner of Mrs india universe 2020 and Mrs Talented 2020. I have also been honoured with the ‘Most Aspiring Pianist 2020 Award’.

I also secured the first position in the National Icon 2020 by Magic Book of Records and was deemed as the 101 Most Influential Women by Crazy Tales. 

Additionally, we were given the ‘MOST TALENTED FAMILY’ award in the Women Who Win Talented Family Hunt Contest. Some of our videos garnered over 5 lakh views in three days.

12. What future do you see for your children?

It is up to them to choose a career.  But one thing is for sure – once a musician, always remains a musician.

Sandhya Chopra is proactive and has been committed towards building her dreams into a reality with her passion. Her positive attitude in life has spread across her family and has been inspiring the lives of many. We applaud her efforts as a mum, content creator, and pianist.

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