Similarities Between You And Your Mom Xyz

Similarities Between You And Your Mom Xyz

25 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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Motherhood is a wonderful experience for every woman. It is an overwhelming feeling and it can be best understood only by experiencing it. While you were growing up with your mother being in charge of your life, you probably would have thought of her as your arch enemy who would constantly nag and scold you. Never in your wackiest possible dreams would you have thought that you’ll become like her one day.

Look at you now..a wonderful spitting image of your own mom, not just your physical appearance, but the way you have been thinking about life after the birth of your child. Here are a couple of similarities you probably have with your mom.

1. When your child is down with the common flu, you have your age old home remedies ready. You know how much of what ingredients is required to form your magic healing potion just like the back of your hand.

2. Remember how much you hated those awkward homemade face packs and face masks with curd and rose water. Well, you’re making good use of this mask now.

Just like how your mother used to put the mask on your face while you created a fuss about it, you do the same with your kid too. After all, you knew how soft your skin felt after those beauty sessions.

3. Sundays and other holidays were all about hot oil ‘champi’. A thorough head massage for 10-15 minutes and your hair felt rejuvenated. With the new age chemically-rich products, which are responsible for damaging our hair, the hot oil champi by mom always brings about the feeling of soft and silky hair.

Mothers know a lot about natural products for the good of our body. Your mother has passed on this information to you so that you do the same for your child and make them feel just as loved.

4. Let’s not forget the food! All the recipes that your mom has ever come up with are stored in your mind and you can’t wait to try it out. You know it so well that you know you can make it in the same authentic way. Just the way your mother did with you, you love feeding and stuffing your little one like a turkey.

5. When it comes to reciting verses from religious texts, you know how to because of your mother. She has taught you and keeps teaching you new things each time she learns some new verse. The same way, you tend to teach your child about all the religious practices and verses that you know.

6. When you were growing up, she put herself across in such a way that she became your role model. You were so inspired by her that you wanted to become a role model for your child. Few years down the line, when your child says “Ma!! I want to be just like you!”, you knew your purpose in life was achieved.

7. When you were a little girl, you were so sick of your mother constantly telling you not to do this and not to do that. It was all so frustrating for you. However, she was only trying to discipline you as she is a person of principle. Look at yourself today! You’re an amazing mom and you are doing the same for your child.

8. You don’t enforce things on your child and you give your child the freedom to choose. Just like how your mother was lenient with you, at times, for certain things, you like doing the same for your little one.

9. The evergreen supporter in every step you took throughout your life, you mom was there for you. The same way you’ve been the backbone of your family whether it was stormy or calm.

10. Your mother is your hero and you are your child’s hero. You have been doing so much for them just like the way your mother was dedicated to you.

To all the mothers out there, you’re a blessing in disguise and we are really lucky to have you in our lives.











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