Skin And Hair Care For New Moms

Skin And Hair Care For New Moms

18 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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The post-pregnancy phase brings with it a lot of challenges and new sort of issues to tackle. Taking care of the baby(or babies) is one big job. Even more of an important task for a new mum is to take care of herself. Hair fall, stretch marks and skin breakouts are enough to stress anyone out. But worry not, here is a guide for you to sail your ship of beauty through the waters of post-pregnancy phase.

1. The Beauty Sleep

We know how very exhausting your days and nights could be. Mostly baby’s schedule wouldn’t match with your usual schedule and you’ll have to sit back awake just to play with or watch out your young one. This is frustrating and tiring as well. However, cutting down your sleep hours wouldn’t help. Seek help from family and friends and try to get 6-7 hours of sleep. This will help reduce stress and will bring the glow back!

2. The miracle drink.

The best drink on planet Earth is undoubtedly water. It’s magical. It hydrates, rejuvenates your skin, keeps it from getting dry and brings back the shine to that frizzy mane. Water also helps in reducing stress and keeps wrinkles and lines at bay.

3. Check what you eat.

After delivering a child, your body goes through a period of regeneration and remodelling. This is why you need to consume a good deal of nutrients. And especially when you’re breastfeeding, you would need loads and loads of vitamins, minerals, fibres, carbohydrates and fluids. Eat about every two hours and stay away from junk and packaged food. The simpler, the better.

4. Hello hygiene.

Make sure to take care of your personal hygiene as well as the hygiene of your surroundings. Your immune defences could be low during this time and hence you need to take special care of yourself to not let infections take over.

5. The basic skin care-regime.

Be particular about the basic steps to take care of your skin. Never sleep with makeup on. Besides, you need to scrub, cleanse, moisturise and tone your skin regularly to keep it healthy and happy.

6. Say goodbye to hair fall.

It is very usual to get hair fall during this time. But do not stress out because stress is yet another big factor that causes hair fall. Use a mild shampoo for your hair and religiously oil your hair with a mixture of coconut oil, almond oil and castor oil. You can also apply hair mask of yoghurt.

7. Fight the awful acne.

The most important thing you need to remember to prevent or clear acnes is to keep your skin clean and clear. Secondly, make sure you cleanse your face twice a day using a mild cleanser and later on apply a light moisturizer. You could also apply aloe vera gel or rosewater on the affected areas.

8. Clear the petty pigmentation.

Make it a habit to apply sunscreen all over the exposed skin before stepping out. You could also apply mashed papaya or a mixture of honey and lemon to get rid of pigmentation.

9. See off your stretch marks.

Stretch appear to permanent but they can be lightened or even removed with proper skin care. There are anti-stretch marks creams available in market that can help you get rid of these marks, You can also go to Yoga classes and massage and moisturize the affected area of skin regularly.

10. Brighten up the under eye dark circles.

The skin under the eyes is very sensitive and can get irritated and stressed very easily. Consequently, dark circles appear. You need to gently massage this skin every day before going to bed with an under eye cream or almond oil. You can also use green tea bags and sleep with them on your eyes. This will relax your muscles and refresh the skin.

11. Beware of chemicals.

Stay away from creams, cosmetics or hair dyes that are primarily made of chemicals. Chemicals can make your skin even more dull and irritated.

12. Speak to your doctor.

The dullness of skin and hair is majorly because of the lack of nutrients and the hard work your body has to do. Consult your doctor, begin a course of supplements that could help you dealing with all your skin and hair issues.











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