8 Skincare Products Babies Need For Their Delicate Skin 

8 Skincare Products Babies Need For Their Delicate Skin 

13 Jul 2022 | 4 min Read

Reema Shah

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A newborn’s skin is delicate and needs to be handled with a lot of love. Your baby’s skin is still adjusting to the new environment around her/him, be it the change in weather conditions or exposure to new products. 

Hence, keeping in mind their skin’s sensitive nature, proper care using the right skincare products is important to prevent allergies and rashes from developing on the baby’s skin. Read to pick the best baby skincare products for babies that are natural and free from toxins and chemicals.

8 Basic Skincare Products For Baby Care

1. Baby Wash
You can find many options for a baby wash in the market. A baby wash is a more hygienic option when it comes to picking a body wash for your baby.
However, the product should be free from toxins and chemicals as they can cause skin problems for your baby. Use a natural baby wash which gently cleanses your baby’s body while moisturising it. 

Try and go for a Natural Foaming Wash and Shampoo that is enriched with coconut oil, vanilla oil and cocoa oil which nourishes your baby’s skin. Not just the body, you can also use this to wash your baby’s hair.  

2. Baby Massage Oil

Massaging a newborn has multiple benefits including relaxing their muscles, stimulating their nervous system and helping them sleep better. Pick a nourishing baby massage oil enriched with moringa oil, organic sesame oil, almond oil and other oils that have anti-inflammatory properties and deeply nourish your baby’s delicate skin.

3. Diaper Rash Cream

A newborn’s skin is susceptible to different types of rashes and diaper rashes are one of the most common rashes. Ensure that you keep the baby’s affected area dry and use a cold compress to reduce the inflammation. After thoroughly cleaning the area, use a baby-safe diaper rash cream that helps to keep the area moisturised and helps in healing and soothing the rashes. 

You can also use organic coconut oil to soothe your baby’s diaper rashes during the winters.

4. Lip Balm

Babies tend to develop chapped lips because of reasons like the friction caused while breastfeeding, drooling, dehydration or frequent exposure to sunlight. You may apply breastmilk to your baby’s lips as it is rich in nutrients and helps heal your baby’s cracked lips. You can also use nature-based organic lip balm to seal the moisture of your baby’s lips.

5. Sunscreen

A newborn needs exposure to adequate sunlight for strengthening their bone health However, your baby’s delicate skin needs protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays including free-radical damage. 

There are mainly two sunscreen options which include chemical sunscreen and mineral-based sunscreen. Chemical sunscreens irritate and damage the baby’s delicate and tender skin. Hence, apply only a baby-safe and moisturising mineral-based sunscreen.

6. Baby Powder

Many parents use talc powders to soothe nappy rashes in babies and keep their skin dry during humid weather conditions. However, talc powders contain asbestos which is highly toxic and cause redness and irritation to the baby’s skin. Hence, use a talc-free powder which is enriched with natural ingredients like arrowroot powder, shea butter and oatmeal which keep your baby’s skin comfortable and dry. 

7. Baby Moisturiser

Baby creams help to prevent dryness and provide deep nourishment to the baby’s skin. Plus, they also help to balance the pH of your baby’s skin. Use a cream made with nature-based ingredients like cocoa, shea, avocado and jojoba all of which provide deep moisturisation.

8. Baby Wipes

The frequency of diaper changes that a newborn requires, goes up to 10 diapers or even more in a day! It is impossible to give your baby those many trips to the washroom to get them washed. Plus, when the weather gets humid, babies tend to sweat and can get uncomfortable. 

Thanks to baby wipes, parents need not go through all the hassles. Go for organic baby bamboo water wipes as they are highly absorbent, super soft and do not irritate your baby’s skin. They help soothe your baby’s rashes and provide relief. 

Your baby’s skin is delicate and needs proper care. Diaper rashes and eczema are common skin conditions for babies when their skin barrier is compromised. Hence, only go for baby-safe skin care products and consult your paediatrician before trying anything new.











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