Some Rules For Better Pregnancy

Some Rules For Better Pregnancy

20 May 2022 | 2 min Read


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Rules for bathe in pregancy
Yes i am talking about the rules. We all know bathing is very important in pregancy to keep us clean from every infection.
Pregant women remind each other that they shouldn’t bathe with hot water.
During pregancy their bodiea are more sensitive.
So plz keep these point in theie mind–
** They should take bathe in day time..
If you are working better take bathe in evening. It helps you to relax.
** Tempreture is very important. So plz check it . Temperature should be 36°C.
They have to open cold and then hot water to control the temprature.
** Don’t take bath in low blood pressure.
If you take warm bath the blood vessels will expand so the blood to mother’s brain and nutrition to baby is not enough which cause bad consequence.
** To avoid the risk of dehydration take bottle of water while taking bath.
** Don’t bathe after having meal this make bad effect on you.
** Taking bathe together is healthier. It make your mind relaxed. While have bathe ask your partner to massage your back legs and foot which helps you to get more relaxed..
Try oil massage on legs oil should be luke warm.
You can try tree oil and lavendar oil for relaxation.
So for the better development all pregnant women should follow these rule for baby devlopment and for self relaxation.











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