Modern-Day Parenting: Here’s What Insider Club Mum Sonam Jain Says

Modern-Day Parenting: Here’s What Insider Club Mum Sonam Jain Says

10 Jun 2022 | 5 min Read

Sayani Basu

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We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves and all it requires is our valuable time and patience. Every parent has a distinct set of emotions attached with this journey.

It is rightly said that “there’s no way to be a perfect parent, but a million ways to be a good one.” Mum to an adorable son Kiaan, and an insider club member of BabyChakra, Sonam Jain shares her parenting story with us.

Sonam Jain is a blogger and loves to create content.

Sonam Jain On Modern-Day Parenting!

Tell us something about yourself.

Currently, I am a blogger who loves to create content. Earlier, I was a rural marketing strategist. I decided to take a break from work during my pregnancy.

I am a creative soul and love to put creative ideas and solutions to my content. I love to doodle and am a coffee-enthusiast. Plus, I like to try out several dishes and love to eat my heart out.

There are several things women dislike about pregnancy. However, the joy of nurturing another life within is a different feeling altogether. Did you face any such discomfort?

I was lucky enough to never face nausea or any complication during pregnancy. I am really thankful to the Almighty for that!

Sonam Jain is the mother of an adorable son named Kiaan.

Life changes after becoming a mum. How has your life changed?

Oh yes, for sure! My son kept me fully occupied till he was two years old. I felt I was just living for my child and had no other identity.

Motherhood is a bliss for sure but being a first-time mum, I felt I could not balance the additional responsibilities and I really took time to get a hang of things.

In the meantime, I learnt the underlying meaning of love, purity and happiness too and it was a great lesson for me. Honestly, it was a mixed bag of emotions.

Parenting is perhaps the easiest thing to have an opinion about but indeed the most difficult task. What are your views on modern-day parenting?

Everyone has the right to give their opinions on parenting. Personally, I feel that modern-day parenting has really taken over. Today, we have Google, books, parenting communities to guide each other.

The shift from the authoritarian style to gentle, conscious parenting is now the new normal.

In this world full of complications, why not keep parenting simple and kid-friendly that touches our little one’s soul?

How did you become a part of BabyChakra’s Insider Club?

I received a message over WhatsApp on one of the groups where it was mentioned that BabyChakra wants to meet and connect with newbie moms for some research and inputs on how mums think and act when it comes to a baby’s personal care.

Plus, I was excited to share my inputs with a brand who wanted to hear mums aloud. That’s how this journey started!

BabyChakra’s products have been formulated from organic ingredients. What are your views on ‘all natural products’?

A baby’s skin needs extra warmth, attention and tenderness as it is still developing. The super-sensitive skin needs products that are formulated with natural ingredients. I think BabyChakra is doing a great job!

BabyChakra aspires to be the one-stop destination for your baby’s personal products. What are your thoughts?

As a mum, I want the best for my child when it comes to personal care. BabyChakra has been showering mums with a repertoire of products all under one umbrella.

So, that’s a boon as mums don’t have to look for these products in some other stores and websites.

Would you like to share any feedback on the BabyChakra’s products?

I have been using BabyChakra products for my son for the last two years. His skin was super-sensitive and was prone to rashes and allergies. In fact, every summer he gets heat-rashes, maybe because of the Mumbai climate.

I am so thankful to BabyChakra for being the ‘ray of hope’. These did wonders to my son’s rashes.

What’s your advice to mums about becoming Insider Club Mums, why should they?

I think BabyChakra has provided a brilliant platform wherein mums get the opportunity to voice their opinions in curating a product.

Their suggestions are kept in mind while making the product. They are actually helping to co-create products for babies.

BabyChakra pampers their insider club mums and they meet all their expectations.

Sonam Jain feels that kids today should be given choices so that they can make their independent decisions.

What according to you is the ideal parenting style?

There’s nothing called ideal parenting style. Parents need to be positive and interactive. Children must feel comfortable to share their daily-life activities, problems and concerns with parents.

I always give space to my son and make him feel comfortable. I make a point to sit and interact with him and address concerns, if any.

Few months ago, celebs like Kunal and Soha spoke about equal parenting. What are your views on equal parenting?

The world is progressing and today the role of a father is no longer to earn a living only. Fathers have an equal role in raising kids.

Having said that, I personally feel we have not reached there but on the move to reach there. The mindset around needs to change on how both parents can actually share responsibilities to make life better and easier for each other and for the child surely.

I believe that if we divide duties according to what we feel our strength is, it works amazing for both the partners, and I guess this is where equal parenting starts on a good note.

Sonam Jain just changed our perspectives on parenting with her new outlook. We are eagerly waiting for the hour when the world in general and India in particular starts considering equal parenting.











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