Mum-To-Be Sonam Kapoor Shares Her Experience Of A Challenging First Trimester

Mum-To-Be Sonam Kapoor Shares Her Experience Of A Challenging First Trimester

13 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read

Reema Shah

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Embarking on a never-travelled path usually has a lot of surprises and challenges. Plus, when it comes to experiencing pregnancy for the first time, mums may face challenges they’re not ready for. However, today’s mums are more aware of a pregnancy diet and are more conscious about self-care. 

In a recent interview with Indian Express, mum-to-be Sonam Kapoor shares how her first trimester has been challenging and how she takes care of what she eats and what she uses for her skin, during her pregnancy.

Sonam Kapoor On First Trimester

Recalling her experience of the first three months, Sonam Kapoor said that while she and her partner Anand Ahuja are ready for the new phase, the first three months have been very challenging. The bodily changes along with nausea make her very tired.

Plus, her bathroom trips in the middle of the night also affect her sleep schedule. However, she is very positive and says, “Despite all these changes, I’ve never loved, embraced, or cared for my body and wellness more than now.”

Sonam Kapoor who is currently in London even went on a babymoon trip to Italy with her husband, to spend some quality time before the baby arrives. She feels rejuvenated and refreshed to welcome the things that are coming ahead. However, she said that she got more exhausted during the trip.  

Sonam Kapoor on Skincare and Diet

The expecting mum has become more aware of following a suitable skincare routine and also having a balanced diet. “I monitor everything and carefully inspect each ingredient in a product I eat or apply to my skin as it will directly have an impact on a new life. During this time, I ensured that anything that I use should be natural, toxin-free, safe and effective.”

The Saawariya actress also added that her skincare routine has changed since her pregnancy. She is very careful of what she applies to her skin and says taking care is important if you want to carry another life within you. She even collaborated with Moms Co recently as she found that the brand could resonate with her requirements and beliefs. “I have been using The Moms Co products as part of my daily skincare regime for a while now, and they have proven extremely effective for me.”

Her three go-to products for her morning routine include a lip tint, vitamin c serum and tinted sunblock. She prefers the Vitamin C range by Momsco which makes her skin clever, brighter and hydrated. She uses a cleansing balm and cleansing lotion at night to remove makeup and applies an under-eye cream. As for the face and neck, she applies a heavy moisturiser and finishes off with a lip balm.

The mum-to-be further said that she also exercises regularly which has really helped her get through pregnancy. Sonam Kapoor is now looking forward to welcoming her newborn with her partner Anand Ahuja. 

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