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Stayathome Mom Shares What She Does All Day

Stayathome Mom Shares What She Does All Day

24 May 2022 | 5 min Read


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When most people think of a stay at home mom, nothing interesting comes to mind. That may as well be true; we might not have the most interesting job on the planet, but we sure as hell don’t have the easiest one either. As a stay at home mom, I often get asked, “What do you do all day? Don’t you get bored just sitting at home?” Trust me, oh concerned neighbour, I don’t have the time to get bored.

So, to answer this question, I thought it wise to write down my routine as a stay at home mom to put this question to rest once and for all.

So, my day, as opposed to most people, doesn’t start at the buzz of my alarm clock but rather by the cries of my 7 and a half-month-old toddler Aarav at around 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning . After being woken by him, I calm him down and feed him. I then bring him to bed and watch as he wakes his dad up to play with him. While Karan, my husband keeps him busy, I brush my teeth and freshen up to begin my day.

I then take Aarav to the living room and put him on a mat with his toys with Karan watching over him, whilst he reads his paper. This gives me time to quickly whip up some breakfast for the family, after which, being my meticulous self, I make a tentative routine for the day and stick it on the fridge. I say tentative because we must not forget that we are dealing with a toddler and almost every time, things don’t go as planned. By around 8, Karan has left the house and now it’s just me and my boy.

It’s now breakfast time.I sit Aarav down in his high chair for breakfast. I usually feed him Ragi or mashed fruits. He loves bananas. To save time, I eat while he eats. Yes, you have to learn these little tricks when you become a mom. After this, I wash up and usually put him back on his little playmat and bring out all of his toys. I then play with him for a while till he gets bored or rather I get bored and take him to bed where I read out some books to him.

I then put Aarav on the high chair again or let him play some more, while I go through the big, BIG pile of laundry accumulated in a day. I usually put on the news while I do this to get my daily dose of the current happenings or switch through music channels in between, to get me just a little more pumped. I have indeed put the TV remote in the washing machine quite a few times but no apologies there.

Now comes my favourite part of the day, bath time! My son loves bath time, as do I. I put him in a little tub where he plays with his toys as I talk to him about various things, from baby talk to worldly affairs. Sometimes I actually wonder if he understands me when I watch him nod to my complaints about Trump’s deportation rules. I then get him dressed and around this time, Aarav takes his morning nap. This is when I try to squeeze in as many chores as I can. I shower, clean up the house, set up Aarav’s toys in place, make lunch and if I’m lucky I get just enough time to do some gardening, pick out some herbs and make myself a nice hot cup of tea.

These few minutes of rejuvenating really goes a long way. By now, my little bundle of joy has woken up and has taken it upon himself to undo all the cleaning I just did.

After lunch I put him to sleep. This is his longest nap in the day, which means I can REALLY get some things done this time!! I then get to my desk and catch up on some work, go through emails and then sit down with a cup of coffee to write my blog. Once he’s up we make sure to go out, even if it’s just for a stroll. Other times we go to the park or even grocery shopping unless he is in a cranky mood, in which case, I order the groceries home. Spare me the horror of the horrified looks I’ll get if I take in a crying child!

Once we’re back I make dinner while he plays around for a little while. After dinner, I wait till around 8:30 till I put him to sleep. I then spend some time with my husband and finally my day has come to an end.

So, that was my not-so-boring, boring day. However, I would not give it up for anything in this world. With zero judgments towards any working moms, nor the time for all those naysayers, all I have to say is do what makes YOU happy.











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